Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

57. Bagpuss Shaun

I don’t see any bags…


58. Lily

I think I’ve seen a painting with these flowers on it
59. Knitwit

Most sheep have lost their woolly coats, this one has been shopping to buy it back.

The Pawfect Look for Your Pet


Hello, I’m Aline of chacharocks, the home of gorgeously kitsch canine couture accessories with a glitter-tastic twist. The handsome dog on my right is my adopted Greyhound, or possibly Lurcher, Ronnie.

I’m delighted to have been invited by Badger to pen a regular column for Newnibbles on pet couture and other fashion-related matters. Did you know that pet couture can help raise your confidence, express your creativity and improve your relationships? Without costing the earth. This week I’m going to tell you how it can contribute to your life in unexpectedly beneficial ways, and share with you exactly how to measure your dog to ensure, when you buy him or her a collar or accessory, that you get the right size.

Above: Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) and Bruiser the Chihuahua in Legally Blonde. Elle, despite her bubble gum image, was a smart cookie who ignored other peoples’ expectations to pursue a law degree. Truly a chacharocks woman!

Pet accessories for confidence and better relationships? I’m not joking. Let me tell you now. But first, an anecdote. Last week I was invited to a charity dog show to promote chacharocks. Ronnie and I arrived early and then a steward approached me with a chacharocks sign and taped it to my table. He paused, looked at my display and said,

Neck wear for dogs? Now I’ve seen it all.

His comment reflected the view of many, that non-functional dog accessories are weird.

Hero the service dog and his owner in matching graduation outfits, proving that dog accessories can really make the world a better place (source: Huffington Post – click the image to read the story).


So how exactly can pet couture add to your life?

  • Canine bandanas, bow ties, collar accessories and necklaces are a fantastic way to involve your dog in holiday celebrations and special events. Kids can have fun choosing accessories or even making a DIY doggie outfit, you can take memorable photos and post them on your social media pages. You’ll make people smile and they will be talking about your photos for weeks.
  • Are you the impulse shopping type? Rather than dump loads of money on new clothes buy a dog accessory; many pet fashion businesses including chacharocks donate a portion of your profits to charity so you’ll be helping a good cause too.
  • A cute dog accessory is an excellent conversation starter when you’re out walking your dog, especially if you are shy. You could make a new friend, get asked on a date or get a job. Try it out! If you really can’t bear the thought of a purely non-functional accessory then try an ultra-glamorous collar like the ethically made glitter and gemstone range available from chacharocks.
  • Speaking of philanthropy, why not start a social media account with photos of your dog in different accessories or organise a fancy dress parade for local dogs to promote a rescue charity?
  • If your dog’s breed has a bad reputation a cute bandana or bow tie, as well as looking fantastic, will help make him or her look more approachable and let you educate people about misperceptions related to that particular breed.
  • It goes without saying that buying lovely accessories for your dog will make you feel closer to your beloved pet. And it’s fun! For a really special occasion why not have an accessory or outfit custom made for him or her? It’s not as pricey as you think.

Trotter the Instagram star

Poppy in a chacharocks stretch glitter bandana

Now you know more about the benefits of pet couture remember to measure your dog’s neck correctly before buying a bandana, necklace or collar. Standard sizes small, medium and large are often open to interpretation so the more accurately you do this, the more likely you will be to purchase an accessory that fits perfectly. To measure your dog’s neck do the following:

  1. Make sure you have a flexible tape measure, a piece of paper and a pen.
  2. Stand your dog on a flat, even surface and make sure he or she is as straight as possible.
  3. Using the tape measure, measure your dog’s neck, leaving room to breathe but being careful that you don’t measure too loose.
  4. Write the measurement down on your piece of paper. If you’re using string, mark it with a pen, measure it with your ruler and then write the measurement down.
  5. Measure a second time just to be sure.
  6. Give your dog a treat!

If your dog’s neck falls between sizes, always pick the bigger size.

Doris in the baby pink and gold sequin jersey bandana

So have fun with pet couture, make a splash and spread goodness in the world!

Until next time,

Fabulously yours,


Aline Duriaud has had a varied career as an artist and writer in New York City and has also worked as a support worker for vulnerable adults. She also loves animals and, when her Pomeranian passed away in 2013, took the plunge to start her London based online dog accessory company chacharocks, purveyor of fierce, ethically made canine couture with a glitter-tastic twist.


Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

53. Lamb Chop

This one is tasty
54. Shaun on the Cob

Not my best pic but then I’m not a fan of sweet corn

I wish it would come home…


Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

19. A Sheep’s Eye View

This one has some amazing views of Bristol both on it’s tummy and looking across the river
23. Bloomin’ Gorge-ous

Unique flowers only found in Bristol can now be found on a Shaun
55. Please Stand By

Half way people, so stand by the second half

News in brief…

…otherwise known as a sarcastic tabloid roundup…

So, you may have noticed that the death of a small child by drowning turned the “migrant crisis” into human, refugees who require help and our fearless leader has agreed to take a couple in, as long as they don’t cost too much.  In the meanwhile whilst he is discussing with Europe the practicalities of how best to take them, whilst trying not to sound like a selfish tosser with a plum in his throat, refugees are still piling into Hungary at an alarming rate, according to news reports.  The Hungarian government in all their wisdom decided the best course of action here was to arrest anyone illegally entering the country and put them in jail for three years, so they are giving them a roof and shelter for much longer than they would placing them in camps and helping them move to a country they actually want to be in.  Go figure.

After much excitement and buzz the Labour Party has a new leader, who, shock horror is actually left wing!  What are we going to do now all of the parties aren’t right, righter and REALLY right?  Despite telling all their readers to join the party and vote for Corbyn, in an attempt to make a mockery of the democratic process (rather like the moving of the boundaries in the general election?!) the evil tabloid army are now properly wetting their knickers that their ability to control the working classes will be threatened by a genuine left winger.  As a result they have launched a series of attacks on the new leader, from posting pictures of him wearing socks with shorts (the absolute horror of it all), and the fact that he stood in respectful silence during the national anthem rather than singing along.  You don’t notice them kick off when football and rugby players don’t join in at the beginning of internationals do you?  When they publish headlines like he will destroy the country in ten years they are scared, and it’s about time!!

Even the left wing press are up in arms about something, The Guardian  have criticised a lack of women in his new shadow cabinet.  Being the intrepid news reporting site that we are here at Newsnibbles, however, we have found a lady-woman-female in his cabinet of raging lefties, and guess what, she likes badgers!

According to The Spectator  the new Shadow DEFRA secretary, Kerry McCarthy is a vegan, vice president of The League Against Cruel Sports and against the badger cull! Badgers stand a chance, hurrah!

Of course, Brian May and his Save Me trust are still campaigning for badgers, most recently threatening the cull with high court action.

In entertainment news, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are taking on Hollywood sexism head on, with Bullock taking on a role originally intended for Clooney.  According to The Washington Post it was an easy rewrite to switch gender roles, and demonstrates that there could be a lot more films with a female lead.  We think the trailer looks fab, so check it out.


Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

15. Groovy Baby!

It’s simple groovy baby, yeah!
12. Bumble

Buzzzzzzz! Careful this one could sting!
5. Two Hoots

Rain or shine I am on the case

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

31. Flock ‘n Roll

Readers I salute you
9.  Tutti Fruitti

This one is tasty and takes 5-a-day to a whole new dimension
10.  Ram-ble

You can walk all over this one and I even found a depiction of me on it

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

28. Arabian Lights

Now this one had a sparkle about it, could be the electric running into it’s bum…
29. Thunderbirds Are Go

Three…., two…., one…., cue the dun, dun, dun, dunnnnnn, and Thunderbirds are go!
30. Rex

Grrrrrrr, Arrrrrg, I’m a monster, here me roar!

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

We will be doing the hunt every day this week, so make sure you check back.

34.  Primrose

Give a girl flowers and they just eat them, what to do!
14.  The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Carrots, ummm, yes I agree they are crunchy, would you like to make any other comments Peter?
P1050058 (1)
27.  Baaack to the Drawing Board

Ever noticed the world is in a rush? Take a minute to sit and watch
P1050085 (1)

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

63. The Bristol Express

I’ve had some big bogies in my time but wow that one really is a steamer.
62.  Alright Me Babber?

This one has Bristolian all over it
64. Great West Shaun

I’m not sure Shaun but I don’t think that direction is west.