Badger’s Grammar Quiz

So, some of you may have noticed that Badger has been spending a lot of time of Twitter lately, she has become quite the popular Meles Meles, with fans actually numbering in their hundreds!! The problem is she keeps coming back to the office muttering things like “just because you’re limited to 140 characters doesn’t mean you can’t spare an apostrophe once in a while.”

Rather than continue the culture of ignorance and negativity we have decided to do you an educational quiz this week, like a comprehension SAT, combined with a grammar test.  So first you have to read the explanation below, then you answer the question.  Here goes:

There = somewhere to go, where something is.  Used in a sentence.  “The bookshelf is over there.”

Their = belonging to them.  Used in a sentence. “That’s their kiwi fruit, don’t eat it.”

They’re = They are. Used in a sentence. “They’re going to the party together.”

So, your quiz is as follows, you have to put the appropriate “there” “their” or “they’re” into the following sentences.  No prizes other than knowing you’ve learned something.  If you would like a pat on the head then comment in the box below and we will appropriately pat.  Next week’s quiz will involve “to”, “two” and “too”.

  1. Th____ is a big dog over by that tree.
  2. Th_____ really mean, never say anything nice.
  3. Th_____ hair looks really nice today.

Good luck Nibblers.


Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

She’s back, and out of nappies, and this time hunting Shauns!!!

1: Fab-ewe-Lous

This one is a great way to start the hunt.
It’s tasty, sweet and I’m loving the sun.
2: Shrek Shaun.
Pitch forks at the ready people this one is in no mood for playing, hence the daddy back up, and I think there was a distinct smell of onions, call me crazy but this guy has layers.
3: Bee-dazzled

Here I am joined by fellow journalists on the same hunt for press and country.
I love it, it’s got bees and jewels, it simple must bee considered a dazzling example.

Badger’s Story Quiz

As you know, Badger has other writings, apart from Newsnibbles, known to some as stories.  By now you should have read at least one of these, most of them have been free at least once so there really is no excuse.  The questions below are about Badger’s writings, so only TRUE FANS of the Badge will be able to answer them.  Of course you could always tweet her or connect with her on Facebook and ask.

There’s no prize, it’s another of those fun ones, like watching a quiz show on the tele! If you want to post your answers in a comment you can, but that would involve some sort of effort, so we’ll assume you won’t.

  1. What is the name of the poodle that causes Stephen’s second accident in A Reason to Stay?
  2. In The Book of Abisan where does Jacques work before she is put on leave for her own safety?
  3. In the Life Begins at Forty Eight series of short stories, what is the name of Linda’s fiancée?
  4. In Pilot, what sort of animal DNA has been used to enhance Kia?
  5. In Crew Genesis (which you can read and vote for here so no excuse, get on with it) what does FLF stand for?

Well there you go Nibblers, there’s your questions. If you are a true fan you should be able to answer them all, and if you can answer them all then please do in a comment below, as Badger would like to know who you are and be your BBFF (Badger Best Furry Friend).




Wales Welcomes Aliens

If the Leader’s Debate hadn’t been enough to convince you that the Welsh government is way better than the group of Eton graduates that frequent Downing Street and shout at one another then this story should clinch it for you.  When  asked for details of UFO sightings around Cardiff Airport, and whether research would be funded, the spokesperson replied in Klingon!!

You can’t see a spokesperson for Downing Street responding in Klingon, they would be too afraid of UKIP screaming they’d gone soft on Klingons and splitting the vote.  Of course if the Klingons had a similar economy to ours (presumably going through Austerity with many people under employed) then that would be fine.

Whilst we are still impressed at the Welsh government’s multi-lingual skills and ability to actually have a sense of humour, we here at  Newsnibbles have not missed the fact that someone must have seen aliens in Cardiff.  We would therefore like to request that our Welsh fans keep their eyes on the skies, and send in any UFO photos, cos that’d be fun, wouldn’t it?

Read more here.

Cassette Boy Mashup Tells the News as it should be

Last week The Guardian Online reported on a mashup of Channel 4 News that makes the news way more entertaining and probably more accurate than a lot of news broadcasters.  We for sure did not know that Lenny Henry likes chocolates and crisps, but we do now.

Check it out by clicking here.

Vote for Badger’s Story

Just do it, why haven’t you yet?  Badger has written a prequel to The Crew Chronicles Series and has entered it into a competition.  You can vote by signing in with Facebook or Twitter and clicking on the pink heart.  The sooner you do it the sooner she will stop going on about it and we can stop wasting Nibblet space on this nonsense.

Vote and if you want to read the story you can by clicking here.


Judith’s Tennis Quiz

So, one of our fans came up with this one, and we think it’s so good we named it after her.  Apparently she has been watching a lot of tennis this week.  For those of you who don’t know, tennis is a game where you hit a ball over a net to another person, who then hits it back.  If it lands in a box and the other person does not hit it back, or it bounces off the net then you get a point.  If it misses the box then they get the point.  Whilst it all sounds very silly a lot of people take it quite seriously and it has been on television a lot lately.  Apparently the people watching it from a thing called the “commentary box” come out with articulate comments like: “She’s really playing tennis here” and “he really wanted to win that”.  So your challenge, Nibblers is this:  Come up with the best commentator one liners and pop them in the comments box below.  As always, there is not prize and you can have as many goes as you want.  Let’s have some fun and see which of you out there is a potential commentator waiting to be discovered.





The Sperm is Coming Update!!

You may remember a few weeks ago we shared a meme we discovered on Twitter about the resilient nature of sperm… Well, it turns out the author of said meme may not have been entirely wrong, had they been referring to flatworms.

Scientists have discovered that a hermaphrodite flatworm, if left alone will use its barb like penis to inject sperm into its own head in order to reproduce.  The sperm then travels to the appropriate area so that the flatworm can inseminate itself! Eeek.

Apparently when there is more than one worm involved in the process they still inject the sperm with a barb, a process referred to as “traumatic insemination”.  The who thing sounds pretty traumatic to us!!

Find out more in this report, but be warned, it contains swearings. 

Festival of Dogs

As most of you know, Diwali is known as the Festival of Light.  What you might not know, is that in Nepal they dedicate an entire day of Diwali to celebrating the relationship between humans and dogs.  Dogs are dressed up with flowery garlands as a mark of respect and given red markings on their faces.  Known as “tika”, this marks the dog as an object for devotion.  Food is left out for stray dogs and pets are pampered.  We know a certain canine correspondent who might be heading to Nepal soon…


Read more here.

Colour Me Protected!

Some teens at London’s Isaac Newton academy have won the Health category of the Teen Tech Awards by inventing a condom that changes colour when it comes into contact with STDs.  Better than a cold show, the device even has a different colour for different conditions, so you will know exactly which ailment your partner has before deciding to, er, take the plunge, so to speak.  Now, if only they could invent one that both detects and cures, they’d be onto a winner!!

Read more here.


Love Wins!!!

Well you might have noticed lately that a lot of your friends on Facebook have suddenly turned rainbow coloured.  If you have been living with your head in a box then you might be wondering why.  Fear not though, Newsnibbles exists so that you do not have to be at all well informed.

On Friday 26th of June, 2015, a date that will now go down in history, the US Supreme Court voted 5-4 in favour of legalising same sex marriage in all states.

You may wonder why this is such a big deal, after all, here in the UK we passed a same sex marriage law in early 2014, and there wasn’t such a big fuss.  Well, the big deal is this.  America is big.  We are surrounded by American media – Hollywood films, American TV series are everywhere, and whether we like it or not their opinions and decisions impact us.

It is therefore really nice to be able to report on some good news regarding American law making, now everyone has equal right to marry and equal protection of their marriage under the law.  What is perhaps most pleasantly surprising is the reaction to this, globally.

Following the #LoveWins trend on Twitter just showed lots of very happy people celebrating, all over the World, in many different languages.  It seemed that everyone understood the impact of this decision, and were celebrating it.  We couldn’t see any trolling, just joy and celebration.

Monuments and buildings all over America, including The White House lit up rainbow coloured to celebrate this monumental ruling, and it’s great to see that most of the faces on our fans list of Facebook are rainbow.  If you would like to join our “Rainbow Gallery” get in touch.


The White House, Empire State Building, Disney and Niagara Falls celebrate the SCOTUS ruling on #marriageequality.

Posted by Urban Cusp on Friday, 26 June 2015  <—- Click the date to see the pretty pictures. They were supposed to embed, but they didn’t.

If you would like to be included in our rainbow gallery then tag us on Facebook and we will upload you! Happy Pride Nibblers.


Another Fiendishly Tricky Maths Puzzle

As you know, here on Newsnibbles we are known for our focus on Pet Couture, and although Annie has been off touring the World (or America as it’s known to non-Americans) we have been a bit lax, this does not mean we’ve lost interest, so today’s Fiendishly Tricky Maths Puzzle has a pet theme. So, here it is:

If a dog has four legs, how many pairs of super sparkly shoes does she need to have one on each perfectly manicured paw?

No animals were harmed in the taking of this photograph.

No animals were harmed in the taking of this photograph.

Answers can be posted as a comment below, it’s just a fun one, no prize.  If you are really struggling with this one then you could always reach out to the Newsnibbles Facebook Community – as proved with the last Fiendishly Tricky Maths Puzzle they are more than happy to offer help and support. Good Luck Nibblers.


7 Questions

Seven Questions is a section of Newsnibbles where we ask one of our Twitter followers seven questions (duh).  Because we do it via email they are free to answer in more that 140 characters, which is nice.

Today we catch up with author and screenwriter Neil Jeffrey, or @SirBlimelyWindy as we know him.

1. What inspired you to write Mr. 11638600_10154006083327907_555846833_oRobbins? 
Well, that’s a toughie to start with. 26 years ago, when I was 20, I lost my dad to a horrible illness, pancreatic cancer, and when I finally decided to write my first novel, this seemed to be a natural motif to include in the novel, mainly because I wanted to raise awareness due tot he fact that survival figures for this form of cancer have scarcely moved in the intervening time.
As my story took shape, I envisaged it as a simple story about a man who takes one last ‘road trip’ before he loses his battle, but eventually this story seemed to write itself, with the introduction of a feisty Irish artist, a dog and much more romance than I thought I could handle without reaching for a bucket.
2. How did the idea for the film come about?
Well, five months after writing the novel I had a bout of ill health, and to pass the time I bought a copy of Screenwriting for Dummies, and had a go at turning ‘Mr Robbins’ into a screenplay. As I honed it and revised the screenplay to within an inch of its life I decided to submit it to production companies and eventually one said it would like to have a look at the whole project. To say I was gobsmacked was an understatement.
3. Tell us a bit about the process of having a film made.
Oooh, where do I start? We had numerous meetings about how we were going to do this, and we did some location scouting in Aberystwyth as the budget precluded spending lots of time in Sussex (the setting for the original novel).  We then decided that, as the project would involve crowdfunding and an established company’s first foray into feature films, we should make a prequel, which was released online in May 2015, This would again be scripted by me, but would serve to introduce the two main characters, Peter and Fiona by delving into their backgrounds in a way that isn’t dealt with in the original novel.
We then had to get funding for a short movie and I was very lucky that the production company see it as a partnership – so I was involved in casting and attended one day’s shooting over in Wales.
4.Being a writer is very autonomous, whereas when making a film requires working with lots of people. How do they compare?
This is tricky sometimes. As a writer I knew how the story played out in my mind, and I was lucky to find a production company that loved the story and they wanted to consult with me about production and how I saw it panning out, but I was very conscious that I may be a writer, but that doesn’t mean to say I know how to put it on screen. In other words it was a good thing I wasn’t too precious about my story, as I was passing it to someone to put into a visual medium.
5. How was the film funded?
The short was made on a small budget (I am not sure how much it was) and I am delighted to see how it turned out. Now we need to get ready for a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the feature, to approach companies and individuals, and to apply for funding from funding bodies – it’s a lot of work and it needs careful planning. Of course social media is fab for publicising etc  but it all needs to be done as a plan.
adayliketoday6. How would someone else go about turning their book into a film?
Well firstly I would never ever say I have all the answers, but I think it’s vital to find out how to write and format a screenplay, as a poorly formatted script will probably be thrown in the bin very quickly. In terms of the actual content, remember you only need to put down what happens on screen and let it flow. There’s no need for massive descriptions and you don’t need to give the actors tonnes of directions – they are actors, they are trained, and can work it out. Secondly, just don’t be precious and listen to all sources of advice, and thirdly, just because one person says no to it, it doesn’t mean everyone will!
7. If you could give one of your characters one piece of advice, what would it be and why?
The character I am closest to is, I think, Peter. His outlook shares a lot of mine, plus his character and temperament has similarities to my dad. Sometimes he spends his time fretting and overthinking, and I think he just needs to be told to go with the flow a bit. In fact, as the character of the psychiatrist Sidney in one of my all-time favourite programmes, M*A*S*H used to say ‘Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice!’

If you’d like to answer 7 Questions give us a tweet.

You can watch A Day Like Today below.

A DAY LIKE TODAY – The Prequel to ‘Mr Robbins’ from Wild Edric Media on Vimeo.



It’s all about Angles

As you know here at Newsnibbles we enjoy a good Pet Couture story, and this summer in Japan it’s all about angles.  Multiple news organisations have commented on the cube shaped canines and the picture we have embedded here – because nothing we could recreate with a cereal box and a boxer dog (and we did try) comes close to explaining exactly what leaps the Japanese stylists have made when it comes to dog fashion – has come from where you will find similarly cubed creatures, if you care to click.

Our fashion correspondent Annie Butler had this to say on the subject of angles in fashion:


So, maybe we will see sharply angled dogs at Crufts this year.  Who knows?

A Pussy Riot Update

As you know, here at Newsnibbles we like to keep you apprised of what is going on with Russian Punk Rock band Pussy Riot.  Just because they are out of prison now does not mean that their struggle has ended, and it is important that we keep remembering them here in the West.  At Newsnibbles we have literally tens of readers, so these little updates are sure to help.

We missed the fact that they released an English Language song in February about a prisoner who died after being placed in a choke hold in America (see it happens there too).  We blame this dropping the ball on the fact that we don’t speak or read Russian, which makes following them on Twitter problematic.  If anyone would like the honour of being a translator for us, we would give you a virtual embrace and allow your photo to appear on the “about us” page. Who could refuse such an offer?! Anyway, it seems we are rambling.

This week Vice reported that two members of the band were arrested (again) this time for sewing a Russian flag in the street.  There are so many confusing laws in Russia it does not seem to be a good idea as a holiday destination.  What if you ripped your trousers and needed to do an emergency repair? You ripped them in an embarrassing place, you could either hurry back to your hotel and risk some sort of police action for revealing too much of yourself on the streets (it’s possible right?) or attempt to sew them and be arrested for publicly sewing trousers.  Either way this would not end well for you.  We don’t know if this law only extends to flags, in which case your trouser sewing would be fine, again this is where a translator would come in useful, because at the moment this is pure rambling conjecture.

Anyhoo, Vice provides you with their account so do check it out if you’re interested.

Vice Video

And finally, whilst reading Pussy Riot’s account of their flag sewing incident we discovered this report from Vice on the effects of the “Anti-Gay Propaganda” law in Russia.  Whilst we were aware in theory what was going on, this harrowing report really does send it home.  This final Nibblet is not designed to be funny, but to draw your attention to something serious that perhaps you weren’t aware of.  If you chose to click and watch the video below please be aware that there are some upsetting and disturbing images of violence and abuse.