Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

We will be doing the hunt every day this week, so make sure you check back.

34.  Primrose

Give a girl flowers and they just eat them, what to do!
14.  The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Carrots, ummm, yes I agree they are crunchy, would you like to make any other comments Peter?
P1050058 (1)
27.  Baaack to the Drawing Board

Ever noticed the world is in a rush? Take a minute to sit and watch
P1050085 (1)

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

63. The Bristol Express

I’ve had some big bogies in my time but wow that one really is a steamer.
62.  Alright Me Babber?

This one has Bristolian all over it
64. Great West Shaun

I’m not sure Shaun but I don’t think that direction is west.

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

18. Isambaard

Now you might think ‘isn’t this fellow a Gromit?’ and you’d be right, but we here in Bristol love this guy and turn him into everything.
22.  The Shear Speed Helter Skelter

Life is a roller coaster and you need to hold on tight when it get’s bumpy.
8.  Frank

Now let’s be frank people, if you don’t know what I’m doing by now then where have you been?

7 Questions

Seven Questions is a section of Newsnibbles where we ask one of our

This was the face she made when we told her she could do the interview. It's enthusiasm, mixed with genuine interest.  We are a highbrow publication after all...

This was the face she made when we told her she could do the interview. It’s enthusiasm, mixed with genuine interest. We are a highbrow publication after all…

Twitter followers seven questions (duh).  Because we do it via email they are free to answer in more that 140 characters, which is nice.

This week we are catching up with the founder of ChaChaRocks, Aline Duriaud or @neckwearfordogs as we know her to find out more about her PET COUTURE business!! That’s right, Nibblers, she dresses dogs for a living. Don’t say we don’t spoil you!!

1. What made you come up with the idea for a pet couture business?

My late Pomeranian Rene, whom I talk about in the About section of my website. In general I was looking for a way to revive and combine my creative skills, which I’d mostly abandoned, with a love of dogs and a desire to work for myself. I took a business course mainly to take my mind off Rene’s passing away and it grew from there.

2. What would you say is the worst pet fashion faux pas an owner can do and why?

Honestly? Making a dog wear anything that it’s not comfortable wearing. I doubt that a Chihuahua or a Terrier is going to be concerned by whether his bandana is rural chic tweed or blinged up kitsch but if it’s too restrictive around his neck he’ll hate it. Let’s be frank, unless they’re purely functional canine clothing and accessories are more about the owner than the dog. Which is fine by me as long as the four legged customer is happy and at ease. That’s why everything I sell, even the necklaces, in addition to being ethically manufactured for a fair wage, are designed to be lightweight and easy to wear.

3. If someone wanted matching owner dog outfits is this something you could accommodate? As a pet couture professional would you recommend such a fashion

Two fashionably attired pooches right here

Two fashionably attired pooches right here


I’m personally not a fan of what Karl Lagerfeld calls the “matchy matchy” look on a human and definitely not on an owner or parent and a dog so I would generally veer away from identical outfits. I think complementary accessories can work if they’re done with style and wit. For example if your dog is wearing the chacharocks aqua and pink flamingo pop button bandana, aqua or another bright pastel colour nail polish could look very cool. Or you could put your dog in the pure leather red glitter collar and wear red lipstick. Little touches are all you need.

4. Pet weddings, aren’t they just a little bit weird?

As in weddings between animals orchestrated by their human parents? More than a little. Unless they’re for charity.

5. What three items would you never leave home without, and why?

My mobile phone, some change and my door keys because I wouldn’t get far or be able to get back inside without them. I should add, although he’s not an item, my rescue Greyhound Ronnie because he doesn’t like being left at home alone.

6. If you could interview anyone in the World, who would it be, and why?

Just enough bling...

Just enough bling…

Gosh that’s tough – there are so many worthwhile candidates! I’d like to say a great spiritual leader or contemporary artist but at the moment I would probably choose a Drag Queen as I find the glamour and capacity for invention of really creative Queens astounding, and slightly intimidating. I’d like to know more about what goes into developing that sort of larger than life character and how much of it is based on a performer’s own personality. And where to get all those rhinestones.

7. What would be the title and tagline of your autobiography?

I love The Glitter Plan but that’s already been taken by the Juicy Couture girls so I’d go with ThePits to The Glitz; The Life and Times of a Punk Ass Entrepreneur.
And as well as Twitter you can find ChaChaRocks online at or on Facebook.
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Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

13. Bristol Beauty.

Pink and purple, my favourite colours this one really is b..e..a..u..tifulIMG_0012
16. Buttercup.
Mooooooo ooooo oooo. This one must have been for you Newsnibbles and the cow.
17. Flora

Once more on the hunt I find myself joined by fellow explorers. I know we should learn to share but one even had my name.

7 Questions

Seven Questions is a section of Newsnibbles where we ask one of our Twitter followers seven questions (duh).  Because we do it via email they are free to answer in more that 140 characters, which is nice.

This week we are catching up with @Emma_Swailes  who designs uniquDSCN0123e jewellery and talks to random badgers on Twitter, both of which are nice…

1. Your collections are really imaginative, what made you come up with the idea?

I like to play on the British sEmmaSwailesBrolly300tereotype of a nation obsessed by weather small talk, cups of tea and sea side trips to the coast. I love how everywhere I go I hear the safe but fun topic of how bizarre the weather is in this country. Everyone talks about it: no one is happy about it!

When the Olympics came to us in 2012, the opening parade was awash with brollies as the athletes of the world paraded with their teams displayed across an umbrella! I loved that, it would only happen in Britain.

I also have a fascination with memories and keeping them safe. Imagine how we would become ourselves if we didn’t have a past. My history is so precious to me, and I find my house filled with keep sakes and knickknacks that are reminders of special days I had with my ma, getting wet in the rain on a day trip out! They are most likely worthless pieces of manmade junk, chip forks from the chippy stuck in a scrap book, or shells and rocks collected from the beach. However, their job of connecting my mind to the past is like a thread running through time. They help me pin point that moment that I could easily forget as my mind fills with memory of each passing day.

2. What is involved in creating a commission?

I first meet up (if possible) with my customer and discuss what they are after. I often ask them to bring pictures of things they like, not necessary of jewellery but of anything, buildings, art, shapes…anything that they find pleasing to the eye that I can see a pattern in. I then have a brain storm and a sketch of things that might be what they are looking for. It is really important to keep them involved in every step of the way. We chip away at the aspects they like/dislike and I pare it down to a final design. I tend to meet them again before the making begins to get confirmation that it is what they are looking for and that they like it. Most of my customers know exactly what they want and so this process is a fast one.

I had a client recently whose mum wanted me to make her a special set of jewellery for her 21st. The daughter had no idea what she wanted, so I had to tease ideas out of her mind. It was like fishing in the dark at first, but we both came up with a gradual direction and I ended up designing her a 3 piece set based on her star sign. It was quite a cool commission, with a fantastic, unexpected outcome.  It’s a bit like getting a beautifully wrapped gift, and then waiting to open it to see what’s inside without guessing!

3.We have noticed you have a “Robo Cat” range, but a lot of our readers are dogs, what can you do for them?

I have been thinking about this EMMASWAILES300MI1recently, I believe the Robocat needs a fellow superhero dog to call on when the mission gets tough. They couldn’t be in the same team though, they would fight like, well…cat and dog! Joking aside, I think it will be more of a challenge to get a front facing robot looking dog face, as a dog’s side profile is what makes the dog look like a dog! Plus there are many Robot Dogs in the world already, I must not be influenced too much by them. My design style has a certain look and feel to it that I am keen to keep running through my pieces. But watch this space!

4. What made you decide to become a jewellery designer, what advice would you give to someone starting out?

I originally wanted to be a furniture designer. I knew after leaving school and starting Art College I particularly loved designing and making in crafts. All the courses that were craft based seemed to be about furniture making, and so I went with the flow. I did a National Diploma in Furniture Crafts that naturally progressed into a degree course. However, although I worked hard I was no good at it and ultimately failed it 3 years later. I searched for things to do as I really needed a degree and remembered I had enjoyed several taster summer school sessions in silver smiting and jewellery design. I have always been covered in bling, from wearing plastic silver as a 4 year old up to my current 30+ piercings and ring stacking, so it made sense. 3 years later I got my degree and I knew jewellery designing was my career choice. Though it took me until my mid-20s to work it out. My advice would be don’t stress about figuring out what you want to do in life as soon as you finish your education. It’s ok to take a while to figure it out. Failing at something feels horrid but it will definitely benefit you in your future, you will learn greatly from it. If you fall flat on your face, you are still moving forward!

5. Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired and influence by popular culture of recent history. The Robocats were influenced by a mixture of RoboCop, The Wrong Trousers and 90s superhero cartoons I watched as a nipper. I find my mind animates ideas a little like a Dali painting and Monti Python, not good when you are trying to sleep! I love comedians such as Morecambe and Wise with their silly gags and direct camera stares. Life has to have a sense of fun present whenever possible, as does my work.

cheese mouseMassive structures with hidden parts and a beautiful movement such as the Falkirk Boat Bridge make me stare with amazement. Whiles on holiday in Scotland a few years ago I spent a whole day visiting the bridge just staring up going ‘wow amazing’ every 10 seconds, best day out ever. It inspired me in my jewellery design university course.

Jewellery designer wise, I love Alan Ardiff, Becki Crow and Agnieszka Maksymi with their miniature details, narrative landscapes and humorous designs. Their work is beautiful and marvellous.

6. Pet Couture, pro or con?

You’re asking a woman who designs Robocats if Pet Couture is a con!? No way! I think it’s awesome to have your dashing Dalmatian supporting a stripy tie, or a top cat in a rather fetching top hat!  I believe there is a limit though, you can go too far! Those dogs being pushed around in baby buggies, with a dummy in their mouths…now that’s just bonkers! They have got 4 legs people, let them use them!

I however have 3 pet snakes. They are all female, but with lacking arms, legs and torso it is a mission to try dress a snake up in a fancy costume or sassy accessories…though I have never tried….hmmmmm!

7. Come up with a song title that describes your style (did you really think it would be that easy?!)

This question I love, I have never been asked this before. Strangely I have an answer in mind.

“There’s nawt like a bit of fun with the narrative”

And you can find Emma on the web as well as Twitter by following the links below:

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A Third Helpful Quiz

So, last one of these up for a while, until you make another unforgivable spelling or grammar faux pas, then there will be another.

This week’s quiz focuses on Your, You’re and Yore. Although you are unlikely to muddle the last one up, it’s nice to do things in threes, isn’t it? So, here we go.

Your = Belonging to you. Example: “is that your coat?”

You’re = Abbreviation of “you are”. Example “You’re the most beautiful badger I have ever seen.”

Yore = a while ago. Example: “That happened in days of yore.”

So, your mission is, to use all three correctly in one sentence, and pop it in a comment below.

Good luck Nibblers.



Space Not Spikes

You know you’re living under a Tory Government when it becomes acceptable to create architecture that deters the homeless from sitting or lying down.  The cuts have created more people living below the poverty line, using food banks and ultimately homelessness, but rather than deal with the problem the solution is to hide them from the public by putting spikes in shop windows.  Out of sight, out of mind.

One group, called Space Not Spikes has reclaimed the spaces, putting a mattress, pillows and a bookshelf with books over the spikes.  See the video below or read more about  the group’s efforts on Upworthy.

Seagulls Next on Government Hit List

It may seem like we’re picking on the government a bit in this Nibblets, but we’re not.  The second they do something nice for someone other than themselves we will report it.  Just let us know.

So, Plymouth County Council, rather like a less sexy version of James Bond could soon receive a license to kill problem seagulls.  According to the Plymouth Herald 

“Reports had come in of people and animals being attacked by seagulls, with some cases of pets being pecked to death.”

Apparently the more humane methods of control have proved “ineffective” so now a general license could be issued where councils and land owners could take lethal action against the gulls if they proved to be a health and safety risk.  This presumably includes leaving ladders unattended or spilling water and not putting up a sign.  Speaking of signs, we have a conspiracy theory think tank here at Newsnibbles which consists of the interns and anyone who fancies coming in for a sandwich.  Having seen these two reports they stated:

“They trained to gulls to take out the homeless, and now they’re out of control and turning on the pets they’ve decided to take them out.  The machines are COMING”.

We probably should not have let them watch Terminator before their session.


And in Entertainment News…

There are some Fantastic films out this summer, and one of them is a new Fantastic Four movie.  Contrary to popular opinion, we rather liked the original Fantastic Four movies, so will be interested to see how this one pans out, but did you know that in the 1970s there was a Fantastic Four radio show, with Mr Fantastic voiced by the legend that is Bill Murray?

Listen by clicking here.


7 Questions

Seven Questions is a section of Newsnibbles where we ask one of our Twitter followers seven questions (duh).  Because we do it via email they are free to answer in more that 140 characters, which is nice.


Today we catch up with Gaynor Jackson or @ArtisanGaynor as we know her.  According to her profile she is a

“Designer of Glass Fusion Art & Jewellery Lover of animals & hats Supporter of Follow for news of my new work for

If that’s not enough to peak you interest, here is her take on our 7 Questions.

1. How did you find out about Wet Nose Day and what made you want to support it?

#WetNoseDay @wetnoseday was set up by @wetnoseanimal and @4animalsrights is a volunteer there and it was she who discovered me due to my fundraising for a poorly bunny called Munch @munchspage When I heard about the good that they do helping animals in rescue centres that are ill or badly injured I knew that I had to join in and help to raise awareness and fundraising. WetNoseDay is on September 25th and I am hoping to do a sponsored fundraising event for a paw tattoo on myself. I’m trying to find out how to go about doing this at the moment as I’m a sponsored virgin.

2. What is involved in making a glass necklace?

When making a kiln fused glass necklace I first have to decide if I’m going to use a mould or go freestyle with my design. I tend to go freestyle as I love the unique results. I cut the glass to the size that I need add frit (ground glass), special glass paints (regular glass paint just disappears in the kiln so you cannot use those), dichroic (special effect glass said Di Crow Ic) or sometimes I leave it plain if I have used highly decorative art glass. I then position inside the kiln and fire… this is where the magic begins. Sometimes two or three firings are needed depending upon the result tha i am aiming for.
Once fired it has to cool down properly and I then polish either with a dremel or firepolish back in the kiln. Then it’s time to add a bail so that I can add a chain.
This is a very brief list of how kiln fused glass jewellery/art is created. Lots of errors can be made with firing times and temperatures which means scrap glass or imperfect designs. I keep the imperfect ones for myself. I love experimenting but I don’t think my bank manager does!

3. How can people who want to help get involved?

If you wish to become involved in #WetNoseDay simply follow the accounts mentioned previously and they can guide you on fundraising ideas. You can also buy a ‘wetnose’ off their website for just £4. It is a sponge black nose and if you send them a photo of you wearing your nose they will retweet you. (thats assuming that you are on twitter of course).


4. Where do you stand on the topic of Pet Couture?

Hmmm…  Pet couture done with discretion is fine but going overboard with tinting your pet’s fur or making them don full outfits to wear outdoors… well lets say I wouldn’t do it.  Dressing a pet up for a jokey photo then removing the outfit I have no problem with as long as the pet isn’t hurt or upset by this. A dog with a bandana is cool… literally because in hot weather if you keep it slightly damp it can help cool down a hot pooch. I design and create pet necklaces which are perfect for a wedding if your pooch is joining in on your celebrations. These are not collars and must be worn for decorative purposes only.

5. Who or what inspires you?

Nature always inspires me. The colours, tones, textures are magnificent. I admire many people in this world but I don’t think I’ve been inspired creatively by anybody. I kinda just go my own way and have a very vivid imagination. Often at silly o’clock I find myself making sketches or a quick note about what has just popped into my head. As a sufferer of insomnia I’m often awake at all hours and do find that ideas come to me in the early hours rather than in ‘normal’ hours. Perhaps my subconscious is more creative than I am.

6. What would be your ambition?

This is easy. My ambition is to own a small holding and have a pack of dogs, a bunny rescue and a workshop for me to carry on with my jewellery and gift business. The rescue side of things will be informative for children. Example, I would invite schools to bring in children so that they could learn how rabbits, dogs, chickens etc should be cared for. Let them see how animals of all species want to be social with us and each other. Explain how unkind it is to keep a rabbit in its hutch all day and night for instance.
My business side of the ‘farm’ would have a shop where parents/guardians and teachers can spend their hard earned cash to show their gratitude for my educating their children on pooey rabbits bums and the important use of poo bags for dogs.

7. If you could only be remembered for one thing, what would it be and why?

Simply ‘She made a difference’. I have no religious beliefs but I do think that whilst we are all on this earth together we should do our best to make a positive difference to someone or something every day. It doesnt have to be a big thing, a text to someone who is lonely will make a difference to them. A sandwich to a homeless person makes a difference twice (one to help with hunger and two you noticed them). Adopting or fostering a rescue pet helps two animals..the one you take and the one that takes their place.

You can find out more about Gaynor and her fundraising efforts on her website, or you could always follow her on Twitter!


And if you would like to answer 7 Questions, then why not give us a tweet?


Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

Our intrepid toddler is back with three more Shauns!!*

4: Starstruck.

This will make your head spin, it’s so famous.
6:  Melonie.

Now Let me explain it’s called Melonie because it is a melon design, I know it is hard to grasp but stay with me.
7: Buddleia.

This Shaun thing really is attracting all sorts of people, even the doctor himself is on the hunt.

*We are assuming that the numbers here relate to the order the Shauns appear on the map, although Sophie may not be able to count past 5 yet…

And Sophie will be back with more Shauns next week.