Bovine Freedom Fighter Still at Large!

A German cow destined for the slaughter house got wind of her ill fate and has been on the run since May.

This is not Yvonne, but a cow that posed for the story.

Yvonne the cow was doomed to be dog food when she made a break for it in late May.   Since then she has been hunted but to no avail.  Her plight has gained great attention in Germany, where an animal sanctuary has bought her and is offering a €10,000 reward for her safe return.

Unfortunately, this is not all a jolly feel-good romp through European news.  The area of Bavaria where she escaped is not known for their animal friendly attitude.  In fact, the attitude seems to be more “if it moves, shoot it…” This theory was borne out in 2006 when the first wild bear to be seen in Germany for over 170 years was shot and killed.  Now the race is on for the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary to get to Yvonne before the Bavarian hunters have their way.

Although relevance has never been terribly important to us here at Newsnibbles, we thought we would ask a German, Sarah Ehlers, what she thought of the whole Yvonne saga.  She gave us this by way of a comment:

“The cow escaped in Upper Bavaria I live in the very north of Germany near the Danish border…. But I just hope they are going to get the cow tonight as they planned so they don’t declare open season on the cow… which would happen if they don’t get her until the end of August…People shouldn’t forget that it is just one cow, thousands of cows get slaughtered every day and no one makes a big noise about that so either everyone should become vegetarian or just get over it when Yvonne gets shot if they don’t catch her….”

We at Newsnibbles hope Yvonne makes it.  She is a figure head for all animals who don’t want to be culled.  BAG will be watching events closely.


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