Scottish Fish Farms Under Threat

Newsnibbles learned this week (and by learned we mean one of the interns read the BBC News Website) that salmon farms in Scotland

This rather splendid example of a lice-free fish was captured on camera by Mrs Bush of Bristol, and is copyright.

are under threat of closure.

According to some anglers and landowners, fish farming is responsible for the decline in wild salmon and trout stocks.  The environment minister is considering following the Norwegian lead and forcing fish farmers to publish lice levels on their farms to reveal whether lice are rife in farmed fish.

It is unclear as to whether fish farmers have considered flea collars for their stock, but according to the BBC the chemicals used to prevent lice are becoming ineffective, as the lice are adapting.   There was a lot of scientific jargon in the report, which is why we lost interest fairly early on.

We put out there in Twitterland (try hash tagging Newsnibbles, see if we trend – unlikely) what the general tweeting population thought about fish farms, mainly because we wondered how fish survive in fields, and whether dog fish fishherd them into pens for shearing.  We received two whole responses.  How exciting.

@Beehoppy tweeted “Now it’s sea lice! Is there nothing your government won’t cull?” Obviously as a completely impartial news reporting organisation we are unable to comment, just quote.

@CathyWalton4 tweeted “as in Salmon? They are malformed, ill and unhealthy to eat…as for the others I know little about it.” It’s almost like people are taking us seriously, which is both exciting and different.

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