Newsvamp’s Fiendishly Tricky Maths Puzzle.

This week I have decided to stretch my quiz designing skills to the limit with this fiendishly tricky maths puzzle.  If you read it carefully the answer is in the question.  You can email your entry, along with any photo that you would like us to publish to – Good luck Nibblers.


Sadly, there were no winners last week. The guess who was clearly too clever. If any of you have been waiting with baited breath for the answer, it was in fact, a dog. However, we would have accepted any dog related word.  Never be afraid to try, sometimes we award prizes for the best wrong answer.


8 Replies to “Newsvamp’s Fiendishly Tricky Maths Puzzle.”

    1. OK, Pal. This was a fiendishly tricky one, and clearly had you stumped for a while there. The answer was in fact in the question if you looked closely enough, see there right at the beginning where it says “Sarah”? Well, that’s her name. Sarah’s name is Sarah. Maybe if we do another quiz we’ll make it slightly less challenging.

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