Can You Sing a Rainbow Too?

Do you find it hard to remember names?  Do you sometimes wonder whether it would be easier if everything were just colour coded for your convenience? Well, if you live in Peterborough you’re in for a treat.

This rather colourful image is Mrs. Bush, sporting a trendy new fringe. However, she will answer to Blue, Yellow, Green or Red...

Since being built in the 1980s, the car park of Queensgate Shopping Centre has had its four sections named after famous people from Peterborough’s history.  However, it has been announced this week that as part of a £10million revamp, Cavell, Perkins, Royce and Clare will be renamed Green, Blue, Red and Yellow.

According to the BBC, the decision was made because having to associate names with where they had parked their cars “confused” the customers.  Apparently the decision to ‘rename’ the car park after colours will be much less confusing.  We asked one regular shopper what they thought of the change:

“Well, it’s good that customers will no longer have to take a notepad shopping with them, unless they bring a shopping list with them, but then they won’t need the pen, unless they use it to cross off things as they buy, but then at least they won’t need to learn anything interesting about Peterborough’s history.  There, I thought of one.” We really should be more selective about who we ask for comments…

Trevor Pierce, chairman of the Peterborough Local History Society criticised the decision, telling the BBC:

“I think it’s dreadful. We don’t have a wealth of people who are associated with the city anyway, so let’s keep the names.  People who come into the city to shop, or whatever, must think, why these names? They won’t think why red, green blue or yellow, will they?”

Apparently, simply colour coding the names was not an option, presumably because people would have become confused remembering which colour went with which name.

As an expert on colours, and avid reader of Newsnibbles we asked Artist, Nicola Anthony whether she thought colour coding was easier to remember than names.  She gave us this by way of a comment:

“Just call me Purple.  Coincidentally my next gallery event is called Something Blue and I had one last month called RED – a theme is emerging!” Who says life doesn’t imitate art?

You can read the full BBC report here:

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