Nibblets is an exciting new edition to the Newsnibbles family of randomness.  When a story is random enough to deserve our attention, but not detailed enough to have an entire segment devoted to it we will store it up for publication in the Nibblets section.  Hopefully, this way we will get to cover more of your random news.


Mmmm. Nibblets. Photo Credit Allyson Harkey (Copyright)

So, in the Nibblets this week:

7 Traffic Violations in the Course of an Hour!

The news that has rocked Jersey this week is that drivers seem to be recklessly ignoring the red light function on traffic lights.  Having received reports of dangerous driving, motorists putting themselves and other road users in danger by failing to stop at red lights, police monitored one street for one hour and recorded seven infractions.    Police in Jersey will now be launching an operation to target drivers who fail to adhere to the lights.


Cyber Plot Foiled in Yorkshire!

A sixteen year old boy from Harrogate, North Yorkshire has been arrested this week on suspicion of being involved in a plot to corrupt the official Royal Wedding website.  Details are sparse at present but we suspect the plot involved offering the website beer and cigarettes and telling it that all the cool websites were doing it.  Here at Newsnibbles our html neither smokes or drinks.  We aren’t cool and we don’t care.


Rare Shark Born in Scotland!

We are hoping this week that the lice in Fife aren’t as rife as Mr. Chimp suggested in his comment on our earlier fishy scoop.  A rare Angel Shark pup was born in Deep Sea World in North Queensferry on Thursday.  He is tiny and cute now, but can grow up to six feet in length.  Click the link below to see a cute picture of the diddy shark.



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