Newsvamp’s Guess the Movie Quiz

This week I am serving up for your quizzing pleasure a “Guess the Movie” quiz.  Below you will see a picture which represents a movie, all you have to do is tell me what that movie is.  As always, answers, along with the picture you would like us to publish should you be lucky enough to win can be sent to  Good luck Nibblers.



And congratulations to last week’s winners.  That’s right, winners. There were two correct answers last week, and because we didn’t want to cause ructions we will be posting both in the order they were sent.  Now we seem to be getting more and more correct entries we must try to establish a way of fairly deciding the winner.  Any suggestions can also be sent to the quiz address.

The answer to last week’s New Year puzzle was, of course 2011.

From Murray: "Attached is a picture of me that was NOT taken in 2011... more like 2010 or another year prior to that."


"On Saturday, it was 2011! Sincerely, Glamour Kitty P.S. Glamour Kitty is currently working under cover. However, you may publish a photo of her roommate: "


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