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A Fishy Archaeological Find

Archaeologists in Spain have discovered cave paintings that date back to Neanderthal times, almost 45,500 years old.  Previously the

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earliest cave paintings were thought to have been done by Homo Sapiens some 10,000 years later.  These latest discoveries that look to be striped fish could change the way historians view Neanderthals.

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Robin Gibb Stayin’ Alive After Night Fever

Robin Gibb’s ill health was not improved last week when he was struck on the head by a plasma television.  Gibb has been winning his battle with cancer and this latest incident can only be described as a ‘set back’.  It is understood that he did not require The Kiss of Life and no Jive Talkin’ was involved. This could have been a potential Tragedy, but fortunately Mr. Gibb Saw a New Morning.

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No Short Order

Jyoti Amge, the World’s shortest woman, has moved to America and is running for congress.  The eighteen-year-old woman is 2ft6” and weighs a mere 12lb.  She left Mumbai because she found her celebrity status overwhelming, being mobbed wherever she went.  Her opponent for the Massachusetts seat in the House of Representatives, Barney Frank is said to disagree with her ideas, but it was unclear what these ideas were.

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