Newsvamp’s Spelling Quiz

Well, we had no entries to last week’s quiz – my attempts at romance never end well, so I think it’s time to play to my strengths and get back to technical quizzes which are clearly more my forte.

Below you will see a list of words.  All we want you to do is spell them.  You have until noon next Monday to submit your answers, along with the picture you would like us to publish should you be lucky enough to win to – if you cheat and use a dictionary or online spell checker then really you will only be cheating yourselves.  Good luck Nibblers.


Spell the words listed below:

  1. Quiz
  2. Sparrow
  3. Hospital
  4. Bumpy
  5. Cute
  6. Sandwich
  7. Ghost
  8. Polka
  9. Mouse
  10. Vampire


Just because there were no winners doesn't mean we can't run a cute picture.
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