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Andy Murray (not that one), a regular Nibbler and badger fan is running the The Man HimselfEdinburgh Marathon on behalf of the Stroke Association, and since we struggle to understand why anyone would want to run anywhere when there are perfectly good buses about we decided to catch up with him to find out more.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Andy Murray, I was born in Pembroke, South Wales. I left when I was sixteen and joined the royal navy. I now live in West Yorkshire in Haworth, where I am a community first responder, for YAS ( Yorkshire Ambulance Service); I am a volunteer, http://worthvalleyresponders.webs.com . Whenever an emergency 999 ambulance call is made, an emergency Ambulance is immediately dispatched and a first responder is also directed to the emergency. First Responders are volunteer members of the community who are trained to respond to emergency calls through the 999 system in conjunction with the Ambulance Service. Our Responders provide immediate care to patients in the Worth Valley Ward where there may be a delay before the arrival of an ambulance. They are trained to deliver Basic Life Support and defibrillation to patients in Cardiac Arrest and appropriate calls including oxygen administration to patients suffering from a range of conditions. I work abroad in the oil and gas industry as a ROV Interface Engineer, I look after ROV Tooling requirements for an international client, I work month on month off, so on the month off I volunteer as a CFR.

  • Have you always run?

Yes, in school for the cross country teams, and in the forces, I lapsed for many years, but took it back up again, I have completed in a few 10k races and a 5k just before Christmas, I like just being on my own with tunes in my ears running.

  • How are you training for the marathon?

Luckily the Edinburgh marathon team have a training program , so I am using their novice training plan, it seems to be going okay, the furthest I have run so far is 10 miles so only another 16 to go on top of that! Only 1% of the population ever get to run a marathon, so I suppose I will be lucky.

  • What made you choose to raise money for the Stroke Association?

They were looking for volunteers (I subscribe to their news emails) and I thought why not give it a go? Something to do before I hit forty and try and get me fit again. My partner’s father had a massive stroke when I was away at work, and my nan had a few before she passed away, the charity does great things in helping stroke sufferers get help and back on there feet.

  • What is the hardest thing about being in training?

The hardest thing is trying to get my training runs in, easy when I am at home as I go when I drop the  kids off at school, but when I am at work the long weekend run, I have to sneak away, the client are understanding when I disappear for two hours letting me run.

  • How can people get involved and help this great cause?

People can sponsor me if they wish, via my just giving webpage which is  www.justgiving.com/andy-murray4 or they can text a pound by texting mint63 to 70070, any amount inspires me to achieve my goal.

  • Do you play tennis?

Ha! Yes, very badly! I would not stand a chance against the tennis player Andy Murray.

  • Where do you stand on the topic of Pet Couture?

I am not sure on this, but if it is dressing pets up to look cute, I am not really one for doing it, we have a puppy, Max, and there is no way I would dress him up in silly clothes, the pets look uncomfortable, and dogs in handbags!!!

  • Do you like badgers?

Yes I do, great animals,

  • Anything you’d like to add?

That’s about it. Thanks for helping.

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