Journeys With Jack

Wow, Wow, Wow, (Not Bow wow wow!!).  Seville in Spain was wonderful.  Me, a mere mutt was allowed into a Palace; The Plaza de Espania.  Up and down sweeping staircases, bounding onto balconies, posing with the rest of them.  It was lovely and she could not stop smiling and saying how wonderful it was.  Orange trees, horse drawn carriages, outside cafes, I had arrived.  The orange trees meant an endless supply of things to chase and fetch as we walked through the City.   Some of those Spanish horses were a bit grumpy though, Judy never minded (much) when I pulled her tail or sniffed her legs.  They did abandon me though to visit the Cathedral and the Alcazar.  I think if they had tried harder they could have got me in.  Now that I know how Spain classify dogs and that I fall into a handbag size (how insulting!) I know I can go almost anywhere!  

After Seville we went on to Cordoba.  What a night I had.  While walking along the river she got chatting to a young Spanish man… obviously it was only dog chat as he had with him such a fabulous specimen of a black fluff ball.  We ran and romped for miles along the river and then he took us on a bit of a tour of the City.  Lots of narrow cobbled streets with the most intriguing smells.  The Bridge as the sun set was another of her wow moments.  She even persuaded the man of the family to stop for wine under a patio heater (he does not approve, damaging to the environment you know). Had I not said he was there?!  I was left behind for the tour of the Cathedral the next morning, but that certainly had them raving, (in that very English way of theirs).

Cordoba was cool, but Segovia was freezing! There was snow on the ground and no heat in the van.  It’s a good job they are soft touches and I am small and can sneak under that duvet in the middle of the night.  No Gas, honestly how did they manage that?  We walked and walked to keep warm and to see the amazing aqueduct built by some Romans a long long time ago. He was impressed, this was his real ‘wow’ moment.  Even I cannot scent hundreds of stone arches. I think sometimes they asked a lot of me, scenting several Spanish cities in a shortish period of time is hard work, I do not think they appreciate it.  I might have 4 legs to walk miles, but they are short ones and I feel they have asked a lot of this lean mean walking machine!

Well over the mountains and back into France.  She has the border crossing thing cracked, not sure she even noticed this time.  They were talking about it all changing though possibly and not knowing what would happen at all the boarders if something changed.  Bit over my head really, being just a dog!  We always stay at this one nice place on the way back, but although I might have a proper house to run round for a few days I have to go to the men in white coats and it’s not nice.  They poke my ears, look in my eyes and then, the lady in the white coat just gave me something nice to eat, no nasty injection (weird).  Well that was followed by a trip on the boat and home.  Mind you look at the view, it’s not all bad!

See you later folks, Jack


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  1. Cracking travelling “tails” Jack. Very impressed with the access you gained due to your diminutive handbag size. Keep travelling I say

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