Monday Mystery Mime

Once again, our friends at Feathers and Toast bring you the weekly mystery mime for your guessing pleasure. Have a go, put a guess in the comments, we won’t bite. Winners announced next week.

And last week’s mime was a pumpkin being carved and the winners were Richard Goldman, Linda Henderson Eubanks and Deva Palmier.  If you guessed it too, well done. Post a comment next time. What is actually wrong with you?!

Anyway. Here’s the mime…. honestly, we don’t know why we bother…

And Feathers and Toast are also bringing us #MemeMonday with this Halloween inspired Meme.


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from everyone at Newsnibbles.

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If you want something spooky (or just different) to read before then, the Sparkly Badgers of Facebook have come through again.  These books are all free today only, so hop over to Amazon and snap up some Halloween reading.

Don’t forget to thank the author by leaving a review!

Lineage: A Beginning by C H Clepitt

Dying to Be Roman by Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook

Aaspa’s Eyes by Jane Jago

Only the Few by L.N. Denison

The Dragon Warrior of Kri: A Shiva XIV Story by Lyra Shanti

And released today (on permanent free) is

The Corpseriders: A Tale of Aegis Immemorial by SR Jones


A Nonsense Poem

Tweedleeast and Tweedlewest

resolved to go to war

For Tweedlewest said Tweedleeast

had really gone too far

And as they spoke, the silverbacks

hid ‘neath the bed and shook

For Tweedleast said Tweedlewest

would soon be brought to book

Tweedlewest and Tweedleeast

did huff and puff and shout

And women in suburbia

cried “who will help us out”

The Slavic eagle heard their cries

his wingspan blocked the light

Which frightened both our heroes so

they clean forgot to fight

© jane jago 2017



Sparkly Badgers Presents…

Halloween Spooktacular Giveaway!

Trick or Read…

Sparkly Badgers are a collaborative group of indie authors who meet once a week on Twitter, using the hashtag #SparklyBadgersUnite.  They love each other so much that they have also started a Facebook Group to share ideas and tips for the rest of the week!

One such idea was to celebrate the spookiest night of the year with a fabulous ebook giveaway.  Prizes include:

The Fated Sky by E.M. Swift-Hook
Tales from Suburbia by Claire Buss
Shiva XIV by Lyra Shanti
Norma Jean’s School of Witchery by Rose Montague
Murder in Absentia by Assaph Mehr
I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse by C H Clepitt
Hunting Darkness by Ian Bristow
Dying to be Friends by Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook
Celebrity Gulag by M A Rice
Caligation by Brhi Stokes
Billion Dollar Mountain by Jane Jago

Unobtainable by Jennifer Rose
The Dragon Lady by Angelique Anderson
Quartet by Leo McBride

To be in with a chance of winning this amazing bundle of ebooks, simply comment on the embedded Facebook post tagging a friend you think would love to win two.  One lucky winner will win the entire bundle for them and their friend, straight to their Kindle!

Terms and conditions

By entering the giveaway you agree to the following.

Books will be provided to the winners in the form of a mobi to an email address provided by you.  No alternative prize will be offered. You agree to provide Newsnibbles with your email address for the purposes of providing the prize.  Some authors will be “gifting” the book directly from Amazon. You give Newsnibbles permission to provide these authors with your email address for the purpose of gifting you the book.

Winners will be drawn at random from all of the correct entries and notified via Facebook.

Books are provided by Newsnibbles, on behalf of the author, and are provided as is. Newsnibbles in not responsible for the content and or errors or discrepancies in the files.  Files are provided by the authors in good faith. You agree to indemnify Newsnibbles and its participating authors against any harmful effects ebook files may have on your computer/ereader, including, but not limited to viruses.

You agree to respect the hard work of the authors by not sharing any of the files with anyone else. If you love a book and want to share it, please go to Amazon and buy it as a gift.

Entries will close at midnight on October 31st, and winners will be announced the following day.  If you have not been contacted then you have not been lucky this time.

As always, Facebook is not responsible for the giveaway.



Monday Mystery Mime

Every week our friends at Feathers and Toast produce a mystery mime for you to guess.  Have a go in the comments, and we’ll announce the answer next week.

There were no winners to last week’s mime, which was obviously a flame flickering inside a Halloween pumpkin, you really do need to try harder.

Tallulah has given you all a clue this week, for all the good it’ll do. It is “Halloween Activity”. Good luck, Nibblers.

And our #MemeMonday meme also can from Feathers and Toast this week, as they are clearly taking over the world, one satirical news site at a time.


Amber LaLanie Set to Star in New SciFi Film

Veteran music legend Amber LaLanie, known for her trademark pink hair and energetic stage presence was spotted this week eating lunch with Sylar Roth and Kimi Solomon of Satin Thunder, Conrad Chase, Elise Tran, Miranda Keys and Max McDonald. But what has brought together all these rock legends in one place? Well, our sources tell us that the answer is up and coming film producer, Babette Stevenson, and her forthcoming film, Heartsong Warriors.

Our sources tell us that the musicians have come together to discuss production notes on this musical sci fi extravaganza.  Whilst we have been unable to find any information anywhere regarding the production, Conrad told reporters waiting outside the restaurant that the casting process had begun.  We are excited to see where it might lead.

More interesting for LaLanie fans is that she was spotted holding hands with Stevenson in the restaurant, leading to speculation that the two women may be an item. It will not be a surprise to fans, that the pair dodged reporters and avoided commenting on any speculation around their relationship, but we will keep you posted.

Speaking exclusively to Newsnibbles, author Erik Schubach told us:

These alternative facts are keeping me up at night, but I’m sure I’m just spreading misinformation.”

And you can read more on this story below.


Monday Mystery Mime

Every Monday our friends at Feathers and Toast perform a mysterious mime for your guessing pleasure.  Have a guess and we’ll reveal the answer next week.

And this week’s Monday meme was this brilliant poem from the incomparable Jane Jago. Do check out her books if you get the chance.


7 Questions

Today’s 7 Questions is with Sci Fi author, J Scott Coatsworth. His new book The Stark Divide is out this week, and we caught up with him whilst he was on his launch tour to find out more.

1. So, you have been writing since 2014, what did you do before that?

My husband Mark and I run a number of directories for the queer community, including,, and We started the first of these in 1998, and have been working on them ever sense.

Before that, I worked a variety of jobs, but many of them related to publishing – I was the marketing head, promotions director and customer service manager for Hunter House Publishing (it was a very small publisher). I worked for a few years at Barnes and Noble selling books in a retail environment. And I was the Customer Service Key Accounts manager for Publisher’s Group West, a much bigger company than Hunter House that distributed hundreds of independent presses.

And as for writing? Well, I started that when I was in fifth grade, and stopped in the mid-nineties when ten publishers rejected my first novel.

Funny how things change. 🙂

2. In 2017, a lot of sci fi and fantasy series are trying to be more inclusive with their characters, what else would you say needs to be done to make more people feel represented in the genre?

I love writing characters who aren’t like me – I’ve written gay characters, trans and lesbian ones, bi characters, an asexual character, characters of color, and even one with OCD. I always try to be respectful of different kinds of people, and to find someone who’s a part of that community to read what I’ve written and to steer me right where I’ve gone wrong.

But I think it’s also important for folks from each of those communities (and others) to write their own stories and their own truths. And even more important, for their stories to be published, read, and celebrated. While gay male representation has greatly increased in print and in TV and film, we’re still lacking representation for the rest of the LGBTIQA rainbow, and for people of colour as well.

I’d love to see the same TV shows that proudly announce a new white gay character announce a black lesbian, or a Mexican aromantic asexual, or a non-binary Mayor of New York City.

And then we have to read and watch these stories.

3. For people looking to read more sci fi with LGBT characters, where would you recommend they start?

It depends. I have a few faves in the “mainstream” sci fi and fantasy realm.

 Swordpoint, by Ellen Kushner
 The Chronicles of Arun, by Elizabeth K. Lynn
 Ethan of Athos, Lois McMaster Bujold
 Larque on the Wing, by Nancy Springer

But there are also a lot of great writers working today, especially in sci fi romance:

Angel Martinez
 Carole Cummings
 Amy Lane
 Fletcher Delancy
 Jo Tannah
 Wendy Rathbone
 Jamie Fessenden
 Andrew Q. Gordon
 Ben Brock
 Arshad Ahsanuddin

and many more.

You can find these and more here:

sci fi

4. What inspired The Stark Divide? If you had to compare it to something else (I know, that’s always a tough question) what would it be?

It sprang off the novel I mentioned above – “The Stark Divide” is actually the backstory of that tale. But it was also influenced by works by other authors—from Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth series, to which I owe a debt of gratitude for the idea of a living world—to “Rendezvous With Rama” for the generation ship/cylinder world idea.

And of course, a lifetime of reading sci fi.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, fictional or real, who would it be?

Oooh, tough one.

I think I’d have to pick Anne McCaffrey. She wrote books that really spoke to me when I was growing up—books that made me laugh and cry and sigh in wonder. And she had gay characters in her stories, even if they were minor ones.

I used to dream about going to Ireland and showing up on her doorstep to have tea with her—though when I say it out loud, it sounds a little stalkery. But still, it would have been amazing to meet her and to have a little time with her.

6. Speaking of dinner, describe your ideal sandwich.

Multi grain bread, roast turkey breast, avocado, bacon, light on the mayo, with a side of fries. Yeah. That’s it.

7. Where do you stand on the topic of pet couture?

I support every pet’s right to be fabulous. Except Shar Peis. They are fabulous in their naked skin.

And Scott is all over the internet. Find him below.


Facebook (personal)

Facebook (author page)


QueeRomance Ink



Who Ate All the Cake – Revealed

A recent polled has revealed the 50% of people blame it on the badger.  In a survey conducted by Newsnibbles earlier this week, two of a total of four respondents blamed cake being eaten on the badger.

Whilst one person took full responsibility, and one person suggested a full investigation, the majority chose to sling blame at the badger.  Having employed a similarly scientific method to that used by the government when deciding to trial and then continue with the badger cull, we can now come to a similar conclusion, and that is, in fact, all the badgers’ fault.

In the absolutely genuine and in no way faked image below, you can see a badger indulging in cake. Whilst this image does not serve to prove that the badger ate ALL the cake, you have to admit, it’s pretty damning.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.


Monday Mystery Mime

Every week, our friends at Feathers and Toast perform a mystery mime for you to guess. If you guess correctly before Friday, then Tallulah will perform the mime of your choosing.

Last week’s mime was quite obviously a squirrel on high alert-as it’s the nut gathering season… Shira Levine and Paul Uhler are the winners, although how they worked that out is the real mystery.

Have a go at this one, answers in the comments.