Amber LaLanie Set to Star in New SciFi Film

Veteran music legend Amber LaLanie, known for her trademark pink hair and energetic stage presence was spotted this week eating lunch with Sylar Roth and Kimi Solomon of Satin Thunder, Conrad Chase, Elise Tran, Miranda Keys and Max McDonald. But what has brought together all these rock legends in one place? Well, our sources tell us that the answer is up and coming film producer, Babette Stevenson, and her forthcoming film, Heartsong Warriors.

Our sources tell us that the musicians have come together to discuss production notes on this musical sci fi extravaganza.  Whilst we have been unable to find any information anywhere regarding the production, Conrad told reporters waiting outside the restaurant that the casting process had begun.  We are excited to see where it might lead.

More interesting for LaLanie fans is that she was spotted holding hands with Stevenson in the restaurant, leading to speculation that the two women may be an item. It will not be a surprise to fans, that the pair dodged reporters and avoided commenting on any speculation around their relationship, but we will keep you posted.

Speaking exclusively to Newsnibbles, author Erik Schubach told us:

These alternative facts are keeping me up at night, but I’m sure I’m just spreading misinformation.”

And you can read more on this story below.

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