Monday Mystery Mime

It’s Monday again, and that means it’s time for Feathers and Toast to perform a mystery mime for you to guess. We know you just guess in your heads, that’s OK, we’re over it. If you wanted to guess in the comments, that’d be OK too, but no pressure, you do what you feel comfortable with…

Congratulations to last week’s winners, Richard Goldman, Deva Palmier, Linda Henderson Eubanks, Joe Prantaitis, Paul Uhler, Mairi Sim, Hadie Mansfield and Patricia Anne Payne, who all correctly guess Turkey being stuffed.

This week’s clue is “something that might get over used on Cyber Monday”. Now, go forth and guess. Or don’t. Whatever.

And this week’s #MemeMonday is brought to you by Angelika Rust, and the letter C for cake…


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