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Although you won’t be hungry after these disturbing flashes into the news…

The Boner Collector

OK, so it’s a pun, because of… well… you get it…

During a raid on the residence of a 54 year old mortician worker in Houston, Texas, FBI agents uncovered an unusual stash of contraband.  The home contained 3178 embalmed human penises… peni… penis’… The penis hoarder, as the interns have been calling him, must have been removing the organs from cadavers for many years to accumulate such a collection, and we are wondering whether The Guinness Book of records would be interested. If this story has tipped your interest then you can read the whole disturbing account on…. World News Daily Report

A Ghost of a Chance

A woman in Bristol, who claims to have been having sexual relations with ghosts for over ten years is now looking for a ghost husband to start a ghost family.

According to The Bristol Post the 27 year old spiritual guidance counsellor has been with 20 ghosts in the 10 years since she left her fiance for one. She is now looking for a nice ghost to settle down with so she can have a phantom pregnancy… we aren’t sure anyone’s had the heart to tell her that that’s not what it means…

And in Boob News…

Christmas boobs are a new craze to be sweeping Manchester. It is now the fashion, apparently, to cut a hole in your favourite Christmas jumper, pop your boob out, give it a red nose, some eyes and antlers and call it Rudolf. No, really.  This new trend in Christmas fashion is not exactly warm, but hey, if people are enjoying themselves. Just need to be careful not to take someone’s eye out when the frost hits.

You can read more in Lovin’ Manchester and because it is so special, we have even embedded a picture below…



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