Beware the Orange Man

This poem was submitted to Newsnibbles anonymously.


Beware the orange man said we,

But they just sneered and did not care,

They made their jokes and would not see,

Beyond the polyester hair.

Beyond the tweets and social gaffes,

To likelihood of the last laugh,

The fools who thought themselves so clever,

Telling the simple how to vote,

Found no-one was listening then or ever,

Now their own cleverness sticks in their throats.

The people crowned their orange king,

Which probably wasn’t a very good thing.

Beware the orange man said we,

He’ll look you in the eyes,

And tell you how it’s gonna be,

Even if he lies.

And now he sits at that top table,

He’ll take some shifting.

Are you able?

Beware the orange man we said,

But they were much too smart,

And now they’ve orange at their head,

And hatred in their hearts.


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