Yet Another Shit Story

Here at Newsnibbles, we can sniff out shit a mile off, and this story drew our attention.

A school superintendent in America has been arrested for defecating on the sports field.  Really.  You cannot make this shit up!  Police launched a sting operation when students and members of staff were complaining that human faeces was being left on or around the sports track on a regular basis.  According to the BBC Report:  Police approached the superintendent whilst he was running on the track (we presume like sports running… anyway) having allegedly just witnessed him in the act.  He has been arrested and charged with “lewdness, littering and defecating in public”.

As, according to the report, he earned $150,000 annually (that’s annually, not anally) you’d think he could afford to have a porta-loo placed on the field for morning runs, or, alternatively, buy some poo bags and take it home.  But then, we’re here to report, not to offer solutions.  He is currently taking paid leave until the situation is resolved.

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This is a pigeon. You didn’t really want a picture of poo, did you?

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