7 Questions

Today we have a special treat for all of you pet couture fans out there.  Our 7 Questions today is with United Dogdom!

  1. What got you into pet couture in the first place?

    It was getting a British Bulldog.  As a first time dog owner, I was surprised how quickly Louis became part of the family and now cannot imagine life without him.  It was my search for dog products that gave me the idea of starting up my own online business selling quality as well as fun products by using what I learnt to the sort of things Louis liked such as the tasty Antos dog treats.

  1. Lots of products out there are for smaller dogs, but bigger dogs like to look fabulous too, can you accommodate the more sizeable canine?

    Yes, we most certainly can. For example, our dog robe sizes go up to 70cm/28” and will typically fit an Iris Setter.  The winners of our recent competition – Bear and Ocean on our Facebook page shows that it can fit the larger dog.  Our beds goes up to 83cm/34” and we have a range of coats that go up to 75cm/30”.  Also, we sell XXL collars, bowls for larger dogs as well as toys that come in large and small.

  1. We see you stock turtlenecks and hoodies, do you have anything for the more formal occasion?

    We have a small selection of coats at the moment, but will be increasing our range to include more formal wear by the end of the year.

  1. If people were just starting out with kitting their pet out for weathers, where would you suggest they start, what is the must have clothing item for dogs?

The Rukka raincoat for the unpredictable British summer, the Dog Robe which is not only good for drying your dog but can keep them cool in summer. Getting the right collar, lead and harness for your dog’s size and breed.  Dogs feel the cold too and so buying them a warm, comfortable coat for those cold winter months I think is also a must!


  1. Have you considered branching out into smaller pets, such as cats or rabbits?

Not at the moment but this may be an area we will consider in the future.

  1. What is your favourite breed of dog to accessorise, which breed can really strut their stuff?

We are, of course, bias to bulldogs because of Louis and their friendly and loyal nature.  Bulldogs are divas and with their loving mannerism, style and pride look good in anything that you decide to clothe them in.  I am sure this applies to many other breeds as well. When we take Louis out he walks with his head held up high and walks like he is on a catwalk, hips swaying from left to right.  A true beauty!

  1. Describe your ideal sandwich.

 I am an absolute lover of cheese, so it must contain cheese, plenty of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber and a bit of a crunch with pickle on wholemeal bread.


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