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Sunday July 1st is #IndiePrideDay, where independent authors (or authors published by small presses) come together and celebrate pride that they did it all by themselves.

There is still a lot of stigma around being an independent author.  People say it’s badly edited, or contains plot holes.  Well, that is simply not true of Sparkly Badgers.  Anyone who has read anything by a badger will know it’s quality, so, we have pulled together a list of our recommended reads.  These are honest opinions from authors who genuinely admire each other.  Some of the books will be on offer for #IndiePrideDay, so make sure you click the link and get a bargain!

So, without further ado, here are the Sparkly Badger’s Recommendations:

Claire Buss:

Would recommend the writing of C H Clepitt

Curtain Call – a heartfelt novella, delicately written. (99c/99p 1/7/18 only)

Pilot: The First in the Crew Chronicles – excellent world-building with humans, aliens and fairies in space.

Everything’s Better With A Cape – fast-paced, amusing scenario. A highly enjoyable book.

Leland Lydecker


Brhi Stokes’ Caligation: Is a fresh (and really good) spin on urban fantasy. Her characters are detailed and lifelike; my favorite was Zero.

I’ve also read a short story by N C Stow, and more of her work is on my to-read list. She writes excellent Siberian folklore-inspired fantasy.

J C Steel

‘With rich characterisation and world building guaranteed to make you think, Caligation makes a great addition to any urban fantasy list.’


C H Clepitt

Debbie McGowan – To Be Sure: “The characters are brilliantly drawn, and the tone of the narration carries a subtle humour throughout that makes fun of the characters the way best friends might make fun of one another.”


Joanne Van Leerdam – The Silver Feather: “A very dark and creepy read that had me on the edge of my seat.”

Rose Montague – Norma Jean’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: “The skill this writer has is to draw you in from the beginning and weave action into even the most mundane encounter.”


Claire Buss – The Rose Thief: “This is a brilliantly clever book that had me gripped from the beginning.”

Chloe Hammond – Darkly Dreaming: “Chloe Hammond has managed to create a novel that is tense, exciting, emotional, scary and funny. ”

N C Stow – Voopyre: “I was soon swept up in the beautiful imagery and the stylistic writing which absolutely screamed “fairy tale”.”

Chloe Hammond

I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse by C H Clepitt: “Funny, raunchy, and probably exactly what the apocalypse would really be like’.

Debbie McGowan

Curtain Call by C H Clepitt
“A lovely romantic story with some deep and serious events offset by ‘LOL’ moments, great characters and a fascinating plot.”

The Rose Thief by Claire Buss
“A hilarious mix of the extraordinary and the mundane, the sublime and the utterly disgusting.”

Who Loves You by Emily Alter
“A refreshing change from the usual boy-loves-boy. I love Claude! Enbies FTW!”

Anthem by A.M. Leibowitz
“Amazing read that had me alternately swearing and ‘aww’-ing at my Kindle – actual, real LGBTQ+ fiction with strong bisexual main characters.”

A M Leibowitz

The Gaia Effect by Claire Buss – brilliant commentary on the present and future of parenting and the value of open-mindedness.

I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse by C H Clepitt– laugh-out-loud hilarious and weird in all the best ways as it pokes fun at human foibles.

The Making of Us by Debbie McGowan – a love story that’s sweeter than ice cream and tackles some big (pun intended) issues.

David Bridger

Debbie McGowan – The Making Of Us. “I fell in love with Jesse and Leigh. Their story opened my mind and touched my heart, and on the evidence of this book I believe the author’s mind must be a pleasant place to live.”

Margena Adams Holmes

Only The Few by LN Denison. Sharp and intense, don’t read it if you’re trying to go to sleep. It keeps you turning the pages to the end! (99p/99c this weekend)

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