Today’s 7 Questions are with Nicole Lutrell who is a speculative fiction author.  Having just gone wide with her books, she thought she’d drop by for a chat, so of course we asked her some probing questions.


1. How long have you been writing?

I honestly can’t remember a time I wasn’t creating stories. Before I could even write I’d draw pictures to convey stories about a cat and dog who were best friends and went on adventures when their owner was out. I was one of those geeks who actually loved writing assignments. But I’ll tell you about the day I realised that I wanted to be a writer. It was the Summer after I turned thirteen. I remember sitting in my room, and realising that RL Steine and Stephen King were real, actual people who made a living telling stories. They sure made enough money from my mom by that point. So, I went to the library and talked to the librarian. She found me a copy of The Writer’s Market and sent me on my way to not only being a writer but being an author.

2. How do ghosts pilot a spaceship?

I love everyone’s response to that bio. I would say if a ghost were to pilot a spaceship, there would be two ways to do it. Either they’ve mastered the art of possession and are using living people as pilots, or they’ve learned to manipulate things despite their lack of body.

3. If there’s no air in space, can a dragon still breathe fire?

Outside of a space station or ship, I wouldn’t imagine a dragon could breathe fire. But they also couldn’t breathe, so I doubt it would matter long.

4. Describe your writing style in two sentences or less (make people want to buy a book)

I want to write a good story about real people who impact their world. I never want to write a character who just reacts to her life.

5. Where do you stand on the whole pet couture debate?

I’m not above putting my pets in Halloween costumes, or a coat and boots in the winter. I think there are limits, but hey. If the pets aren’t being hurt, made uncomfortable or otherwise ill impacted by it, whatever makes people happy. Honestly, there’s just too much pain out there for me to be mad about someone putting their pug in a bee costume.

6. Describe your ideal sandwich.

A Ruben on marble rye bread. Literally, it’s my favourite meal. There’s a local restaurant where I live called Mickey’s, they make the best Ruben.

7. Which writer would you most like to be compared to?

I would love to be compared to Tamora Pierce. Her characters are amazing, and her books are some of my favorite. Who can’t love a world where people wield magic through cooking, dancing, growing plants and weaving? I’m sure readers of my Woven series will see the influence.
You can find Nicole’s books here:
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