Month: December 2018

Death is For the Living

As you know, here at Newsnibbles, we love a good vampire yarn. And here’s one coming your way this Christmas! Death is for the Living …when ‘here be monsters’ doesn’t only mark the unknown. By day, Cristina Batista is a deck girl on a Caribbean charter yacht, with all the

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Monday Mystery Mime

It’s that time of the week again, where our friends at Feathers and Toast perform a mysterious mime for your guessing pleasure. Guess correctly before Friday, and you could win the mime of your choice being performed. Answers in the comments, folks. And congratulations to last week’s winners: Richard Goldman, Linda

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Found in Translation

Found in Translation is back.  This time we are partnering with artist and amateur linguist Jen Giacalone.  In this section, we take a well known phrase from another language, then find the equivalent saying in English. If your language has an alternative version, we would love to know, so post it

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