Month: February 2019

Mime Attack!

Some months ago, author and friend of Newsnibbles; Maria Riegger mentioned a traumatic experience she had with a mime some years ago, whilst living in Spain. As we have a particular interest in mimes, she has written it up for us.  Her statement is as follows: Picture it: Barcelona, around the


Shiver Me Timbers or Until Death Don’t We Part

Written by C H Clepitt A spot of ghost erotica from one half of the creators of A Grumpy Badger Guide to Dinosaur Erotica, and the *soul* creator of Broken Bareback: A Stable Romance. Introduction With the recent surge in the news about women marrying ghosts (just Google it, if


7 Questions

Today’s 7 Questions are with fantasy author and occasional ninja, J. C. Steel. Vampires on a boat? Talk me through that… It’s true, most people expect to find vampires hanging out in mouldering piles of ancient stone, preferably up around the Transylvanian border. It’s convenient stereotype for all those vampires