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So, Claire Buss, author and friend of Newsnibbles has been trying to get as many interviews as possible. Seems like a lot of hard work, so we thought we’d interview her to find out why…

OK, so you’ve been trying to get an interview… obviously didn’t approach Newsnibbles early, as we are not the least bit picky… how did you go about it?

I try to have an interview radar ticking along so if I see one of my fellow indies being interviewed somewhere not only will I share the post but I’ll also approach and ask nicely. I have an interview segment on my blog called A Slice of Cake With… so I approach other authors asking if they’d like to be interviewed and sometimes they’re able to reciprocate.

Why do you want an interview, why is that important for creatives?

It’s important for creatives to get out there and shout about their wares, I think sometimes we forget how intimate our social media spheres can be. So the more spheres we visit, the better. I heard that it can take seven views of a product before a buyer will commit so regular interviews will help with that psychology. Another great reason to do plenty of interviews is so that readers can become more familiar with your writing style and you can share a bit of personality. You can’t take everyone out for coffee and a cake, unfortunately.

What would you recommend other creatives do to try and get interviews (apart from email Newsnibbles – that’s email, don’t put a comment, take the time to send a professional email, address it to Badger, do your research, behave with a modicum of professional respect – we’re fine).

Stalk your fellow writers and see where they get their interviews, then be sneaky and approach. Beg for an interview in any writing-related Facebook groups you belong to. Start your own interview segment on your blog so you can reciprocate. Approach your local paper – you never know!

What other ways are there to get the word out about your work?

Have an author platform including a website, email newsletter and a presence on social media platforms then be consistent with your posting. Don’t just post buy-me links, share some personal details and snippets from your writing process. Readers want to connect with a real person.

What are you marketing at the moment?

This month I’m trying to promote The Gaia Effect, the first book in my hopeful dystopian series but because I like to multi-task I’m asking telling everyone about my next book, The Interspecies Poker Tournament which is currently being sent to beta readers in chunks.

Do you have a favourite badger?

​Yes, they’re quite grumpy but also a bit sparkly.

Aw, shucks. So, if you want to connect with Claire, you can by following her on Facebook and Twitter.

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