Month: May 2019

Martin And Maria’s Fashion Weekly

This week, the lovely Martin Frowd (indie author and badger supporter extraordinaire) is joined by the equally lovely Maria Riegger (who has released a book this week, excitings). They have taken time out from their busy schedules to tell us exactly what they’re wearing. Which is nice… Martin: Today’s ensemble:


Nicola Anthony’s Next Story

If you’ve been following Newsnibbles since its inception way back in 2010, you may recall an interview we did with up and coming artist; Nicola Anthony – where she was making art from words. Well, Nicola is now an internationally acclaimed artist, working out of Singapore, and has most recently been nominated for the Sovereign


Martin’s Fashion Weekly

Every week, Indie Author and supporter, Martin Frowd takes the time to shout out to all his favourite people on Twitter. Here at Newsnibbles, we like to take the opportunity to find out what Martin’s wearing, and we’ve been enjoying it so much, we felt that it was only fair to