Martin’s Fashion Weekly

Every week, Indie Author and supporter, Martin Frowd takes the time to shout out to all his favourite people on Twitter. Here at Newsnibbles, we like to take the opportunity to find out what Martin’s wearing, and we’ve been enjoying it so much, we felt that it was only fair to share it with the world.

So, this Friday, Martin is wearing:

Cream trousers, grey Kelsea Ballerini t-shirt. Black Taylor Swift hoodie currently on back of chair, too hot in the office to wear more than one layer but might need it for the journey home later!

You can see from his expression that Martin is taking his role as the Newsnibbles Fashion correspondent very seriously.

And if you would like to be included in our weekly fashion post, please just Tweet us what you’re wearing. Photos are optional, but would be nice.

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