Martin and Maria’s Fashion (and Food) Weekly

As usual, the lovely Martin Frowd has given us an update on his Friday fashion choice, and friend of Newsnibbles, Maria Riegger chimed in with her Friday food choice, to add some diversity to the section.


Wearing my analyst t-shirt today: black t-shirt with white text “There are two kinds of people in the world:  those who can extrapolate from incomplete data”

He added when questioned:

Yes of course I have trousers on! My office isn’t *that* permissive. :p Black ones today. No jacket or hoodie b/c it’s hot here!

Well, the photo wasn’t clear, so we had to check…


Now, first cup of coffee 🙂

That time difference makes running a cutting edge fashion site like this very challenging…


And if you’d like to be included in our fashion (and food) update, why not check in on Twitter this Friday?



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