CATS: A Review

I’ll admit to being a bit reticent about going to see CATS in the cinema. Honestly, I’d heard bad things, and having enjoyed the stage show so much, I didn’t want to ruin that for myself. However, I thought it was truly excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely see it again.

To first of all address the general criticisms of the costumes, set etc, the costumes were how the cats are dressed for the stage performance. It was true to this. I liked the use of CGI to make their ears and tails move, I thought it was cute, and if people dressed like that in real life, I’d be more of a hugger…

Admitted, some of the set was out of proportion (or maybe the cats were, who knew), but if you can suspend your belief in reality and accept that cats are singing, dancing and using magic, you can accept that too. Get over it.

I liked the addition of a story to thread it all together a bit, I thought it was done well, all the singing was excellent and I even liked James Corden in this, so there we have it.

At one point I did wonder if Scimbleshanks was into bondage, and about the choice to put him in braces and a hat, but that’s probably my personal taste rather than any direct criticism.

The songs were excellently delivered by all and the dances were fun, overall I thought it was a great distraction. Haters are always gunna hate, but if you’re looking for a bit of fun I really enjoyed it, so why not give it a go?

I’ll go as far as giving it a solid 4 stars, in case this is the only positive review it receives and they want to quote me on the DVD box…

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