Reasons to be Fearful – A Poem

This satirical poem has been submitted to us anonymously. As it’s news related and satirical we thought we’d bung it up. Be warned though, it has swearing.

Reasons to be fearful, one, two, three
Summer with a virus, nobody will hire us
Coz only fleas desire us. And lockdown
Donald in the White House, twittering his big mouth
Cummings is a pink louse. Let’s all frown
Boris he got so sick, but recovered, sad prick
Cummings is a limp dick. Left town
Health service crashing, Tories need a bashing
Parliament is trashing. Witch hunt
Social distance failure, Durham’s not Australia
If you wasn’t rich they’d jail yer. You cunt
Voters made a mistake, gave us all a headache
We needs a fucking break
Labour offers Starmer, is he gonna harm ya
Throw him a banana
Counting up the dead, existential dread
The straw in Johnson’s head
Reasons to be fearful, part three
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