You may have noticed we’ve been quiet of late. Honestly this is because the news has been so terrible there has been nothing to satirise. How do you satirise someone who decides the best way to test their eyesight is to take their car out for a drive whilst it contains their spouse and small children? It’s like we are in The Good Place (aka The Bad Place) and someone is messing with us!

But, if being locked down has down anything, it has provided time to binge watch! I am going to use this post to share some of the series I have discovered and enjoyed or not enjoyed during lock down. I think of this section less as reviews (it’s mostly mainstream stuff, it doesn’t need reviews) and more as commentary. If this is popular I will do regular posts with things I’ve discovered.

If you have any recommendations for things I should check out, or have an opinion on the stuff I talk about here, stick it in the comments! Why not, eh. Be nice to have a comment that doesn’t talk about my “quality content” before trying to sell me Viagra.

Warrior Nun

Netflix outdid itself with this one. It’s ninja nuns, people. Think Buffy but less anxty. I always watch with audio description and my favourite part of all was that their outfits are described as “tactical habits”. Because you can’t just wear a regular habit when you’re battling the forces of darkness. This one takes girl power to a whole new level. We have guns, swords, action and nuns. If any of those things appeal, check it out.


I am late to the party with this one, I know. Half the series is available on Amazon Prime, then you have to switch over to Netflix to see the rest, which is a bit annoying, but worth it. I really enjoyed it. It is just fun and silly viewing, don’t expect anything too deep and meaningful. I think one of my favourite parts was how it twists religious rhetoric and causes the characters to question what they’ve been taught. That and the amount of bi rep. What do you mean I should have lead with that? Fine, there’s bi rep. And not the depressing kind where they’re “questioning”. These characters are bi. My favourite is Maze, a soulless demon who is trying to find love. Anyone who would leap to the defence of their friends with stabbing implements deserves love and I hope she finds it in the next season.

Masterchef Australia

I know. You don’t want to read about reality TV. Hell, I don’t want to watch reality TV usually. But gang, this is SO compelling! It’s not just cooking. Like, don’t get me wrong, it’s mostly cooking. But they all live in a house together like Big Brother! I get more invested than I ever thought I could and really back certain people to win. What I like most is that you can see that the winners (and people who go home) deserve it based on the cooking. This is something I don’t feel about the UK version of Masterchef – it always feels to me as if there is a bit of unconscious bias going on.

The best thing is that Amazon Prime has 11 series, I am only on Series 5, and when that’s over there’s Canada, New Zealand and Singapore! I know.

So, what have you been watching? Would you recommend it, did you hate it? Tell me in the comments!

I found my fun stock image on Pixabay.

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