Robyn Hood Strikes Again!

Notorious outlaw, Robyn Hood, is currently on the run from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men. She is said to be associated with the lady Marian de Staynton and a vagrant forester known in these parts as Littlejohn. Proven to be highly skilled with a hunting bow, the outlaw is wanted for the murder of Theobald de Lacy and the theft of a sum of one thousand silver. The details of these crimes can be read in the volume known as ‘Outlaw’.

More recently, Robyn Hood has been spotted gallivanting drunkenly around the area of The Blue Boar Inn on the outskirts of Nottingham town; wherein she was pursued for several miles by the highly trained retinue of the Bishop of Hereford. Rumours abound that Robyn Hood has now joined forces with an even more notorious master thief and expert swordswoman whose true identity remains shrouded in mystery. Reports suggest the pair have been involved in several high-stake gaol breaks as well as the kidnapping of a high church official.

Speaking exclusively to Newsnibbles, Robyn Hood’s biographer, Niamh Murphy told us:

“As important as it is that the criminal, Robyn Hood is brought to justice, I absolutely cannot reveal the whereabouts of my sources. But the latest instalment of her adventures will be released on February 26th.”

The Sheriff of Nottingham was approached for comment but has yet to return Newsnibbles calls. To keep up to date with the latest breaking news on the story, we suggest you pre-order the next volume in the series, ‘Scarlet’.

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