Amber LaLanie Set to Star in New SciFi Film

Veteran music legend Amber LaLanie, known for her trademark pink hair and energetic stage presence was spotted this week eating lunch with Sylar Roth and Kimi Solomon of Satin Thunder, Conrad Chase, Elise Tran, Miranda Keys and Max McDonald. But what has brought together all these rock legends in one place? Well, our sources tell us that the answer is up and coming film producer, Babette Stevenson, and her forthcoming film, Heartsong Warriors.

Our sources tell us that the musicians have come together to discuss production notes on this musical sci fi extravaganza.  Whilst we have been unable to find any information anywhere regarding the production, Conrad told reporters waiting outside the restaurant that the casting process had begun.  We are excited to see where it might lead.

More interesting for LaLanie fans is that she was spotted holding hands with Stevenson in the restaurant, leading to speculation that the two women may be an item. It will not be a surprise to fans, that the pair dodged reporters and avoided commenting on any speculation around their relationship, but we will keep you posted.

Speaking exclusively to Newsnibbles, author Erik Schubach told us:

These alternative facts are keeping me up at night, but I’m sure I’m just spreading misinformation.”

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Who Ate All the Cake – Revealed

A recent polled has revealed the 50% of people blame it on the badger.  In a survey conducted by Newsnibbles earlier this week, two of a total of four respondents blamed cake being eaten on the badger.

Whilst one person took full responsibility, and one person suggested a full investigation, the majority chose to sling blame at the badger.  Having employed a similarly scientific method to that used by the government when deciding to trial and then continue with the badger cull, we can now come to a similar conclusion, and that is, in fact, all the badgers’ fault.

In the absolutely genuine and in no way faked image below, you can see a badger indulging in cake. Whilst this image does not serve to prove that the badger ate ALL the cake, you have to admit, it’s pretty damning.

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Zombie Apocalypse in Europe!

We have been receiving unconfirmed reports that the world as we know it, is in fact, at an end.

There have been reports from Europe that a small cafe in Vienna has been besieged by zombies, who are trying to eat the brains of locals.  There have also been unconfirmed reports of earthquakes, and a horse with wings.

One source tells us that this unpleasant series of events was started by one man, who was playing on the internet when he should have been working.  Whilst we are yet to confirm, it seems likely, as that is what you are doing right now, isn’t it? ISN’T IT???

A random old woman who was laughing manically outside the cafe told our reporter:

None of this would have happened if he’d just kept it in his pants.  He knows it, but given the chance he’d do it all over again.  Not that anyone ever listens to me…

She went on to say something about how to stop this from happening, but we’d stopped listening by then.

Speaking exclusively to Newsnibbes, author Angelika Rust said:

It’s alternative facts, of course. You know, fiction.

But, since false is the new true, we’re covering it anyway.  Read the full story below.