Final Shauns

Well, this is it.  We hope you enjoyed Sophie’s Shaun Hunt, we will now have to find something else interesting to post in the travel section, do feel free to send us your ideas, and thanks for following along.

39. Air Fleece

See those marvellous men in their flying machines?

20. Baa-loon!

Please can I keep this one? I just love it.

11. Shaun of the Jungle.

Just watch out for that tree!

21. Wish Ewe Were Here.

Well that’s it folks, my rounding up days are done, I hope ewe enjoyed the journey.

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

32. Sparkles the Unicorn

Now, this one is magical and you must not take it’s horn or the goblins and Tim Curry might come after you.
33. Star Bake
This one is has just come out of the oven and both Mary and Paul agree this is a star bake!
46. Shaun Bean

Now, when I heard the name I was thinking jelly bean design or baked beans, can someone explain the silver?

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

65. Rosie

A lovely stroll down the river to see old Rosie, she’s looking lovely in her spring coat.

66. Bingo

Clickety click 66, bingo anyone?

67. Sheepish

Pink poodles eat your heart out, this Shaun has got it going on!

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

43. Lotus

And with the lotus flower we meditate on the journey so far.

44. Bahhbersheep

Where are the other three my friend? You’re not a quartet with one.

45. The Pirate Captain

…and a bottle of rum, yo ho me hearties yo ho.

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

47. Championsheep

On the head me sheep!

51. Shanus Romanus

My name is Shanus Romanus, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife… I think I see a crow…

42. Sgt. Shepherd

We’re Sgt. Shepherd’s Lonely Hearts Club Herd
We hope you will enjoy the show…

Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

48. Posy

A beautiful summers day for a beautiful flowery Shaun.

49. Jasmine

‘I said I like your colour scheme’

50. Shear-lock Holmes

My dear Holmes I’m afraid you have been mis-quoted.

Journeys With Jack

Wow, Wow, Wow, (Not Bow wow wow!!).  Seville in Spain was wonderful.  Me, a mere mutt was allowed into a Palace; The Plaza de Espania.  Up and down sweeping staircases, bounding onto balconies, posing with the rest of them.  It was lovely and she could not stop smiling and saying how wonderful it was.  Orange trees, horse drawn carriages, outside cafes, I had arrived.  The orange trees meant an endless supply of things to chase and fetch as we walked through the City.   Some of those Spanish horses were a bit grumpy though, Judy never minded (much) when I pulled her tail or sniffed her legs.  They did abandon me though to visit the Cathedral and the Alcazar.  I think if they had tried harder they could have got me in.  Now that I know how Spain classify dogs and that I fall into a handbag size (how insulting!) I know I can go almost anywhere!  

After Seville we went on to Cordoba.  What a night I had.  While walking along the river she got chatting to a young Spanish man… obviously it was only dog chat as he had with him such a fabulous specimen of a black fluff ball.  We ran and romped for miles along the river and then he took us on a bit of a tour of the City.  Lots of narrow cobbled streets with the most intriguing smells.  The Bridge as the sun set was another of her wow moments.  She even persuaded the man of the family to stop for wine under a patio heater (he does not approve, damaging to the environment you know). Had I not said he was there?!  I was left behind for the tour of the Cathedral the next morning, but that certainly had them raving, (in that very English way of theirs).

Cordoba was cool, but Segovia was freezing! There was snow on the ground and no heat in the van.  It’s a good job they are soft touches and I am small and can sneak under that duvet in the middle of the night.  No Gas, honestly how did they manage that?  We walked and walked to keep warm and to see the amazing aqueduct built by some Romans a long long time ago. He was impressed, this was his real ‘wow’ moment.  Even I cannot scent hundreds of stone arches. I think sometimes they asked a lot of me, scenting several Spanish cities in a shortish period of time is hard work, I do not think they appreciate it.  I might have 4 legs to walk miles, but they are short ones and I feel they have asked a lot of this lean mean walking machine!

Well over the mountains and back into France.  She has the border crossing thing cracked, not sure she even noticed this time.  They were talking about it all changing though possibly and not knowing what would happen at all the boarders if something changed.  Bit over my head really, being just a dog!  We always stay at this one nice place on the way back, but although I might have a proper house to run round for a few days I have to go to the men in white coats and it’s not nice.  They poke my ears, look in my eyes and then, the lady in the white coat just gave me something nice to eat, no nasty injection (weird).  Well that was followed by a trip on the boat and home.  Mind you look at the view, it’s not all bad!

See you later folks, Jack


Sophie’s Shaun Hunt

69. King of the Carnival

Stop right there, thank-you very much. It’s carnival time!

41. Jarsberry Ram

You might remember a similar Gromit in the same spot, Fruit seems to be theme

70. Justice Lamb

Alright I confess I’ve not done them in order



Journeys With Jack

Well it’s been a quiet few days, however there have been a couple of what I call ‘chaos’ moments. These would be moments when she raises her voice (not shouting obviously!!!) and talks fast. The first came with the sighting of Pine Processionary Caterpillars. Her bottom was just touching the chair out in the sun with a cup of tea when he spotted them and pointed them out. Up went the arms, and the voice, down went the chair, over went the tea. Chaos!! Why you might ask? Because they can KILL me and I was about to step on them!!!! If they didn’t kill me they could lead my tounge to swell up and have be to be cut out! Argh, no licking. Not funny! Check them out, they are not good news. We do not want the little devils in England and they have reached Paris. The second chaos moment came on the motorway when a man in a box wanted lots of money from him because we had not taken the correct ticket at the last box!! Well he and the man in the box agreed that she would reverse into the oncoming traffic, cross 5 lanes and go through a lane with the barrier up and get it correct next time!! What a nice man. Obviously reversing away from the box on the motorway into the traffic and crossing all the lanes caused no chaos or loud talking!!! A couple of travel tips for you before I go. Salamanca and Monsanto are fabulous. Oh and I saw the President of Portugal!!
Well it has been a grey gloomy day with tears!! It’s wet, really wet, the towel is out and there is endless paw and belly drying every time I get back in the van. I am sick, I mean sick, the eating grass more than once routine, so in and out of the van non stop which means lots of wiping and very concerned whispered conversations between them. I hope to feel better tomorrow or I heard them talking about vets!!! No way, nasty individuals, not doing it. Ah, you thought the tears were for me, well possibly but not really. The tears were caused by another dog, can you believe it? And me too ill to raise my head and bark. We stopped in a grassy lay by for lunch. As we stopped a big handsome devil of a dog came and lay by the van. Big sorrowful eyes she said! They thought he belonged to another van in the lay by. All good until it drove off, leaving those sorrowful eyes looking at them. The rain was chucking it down and he was wet and alone and it was time for us to go. She said she could not leave it, he took a deep breath and said we had to, she cried, he hesitated, I threw up again. Compromise, he fed it. She drove off crying. Not good on twisty mountain roads! I have managed half a handful of feed this evening (sucker!) and a little walk. They have managed, beer, red wine and Lemoncella in a local bar so a lie in for us all hopefully.

Journeys With Jack


Doing posh things today. At a Palace in Madrid. Hope you like the photo readers. I was caught chasing rabbits on my first leg stretch of the day though which left her not amused!

Today I have explored Salamanca. It is full of old buildings and cobbled streets and things that made her go ‘ah’ on many occasions. I loved the number of pee stops and exotic smells! I am really becoming a town dog at heart. It’s a good job I am happy to, well you know, ‘do things’ without grass. If I was as fussy as some dogs I could mention I would have had my legs crossed all day today!!! I got a bit of running around action in besides a river too which was good. Why do things try and chase me??? I can outrun them all!

So I have moved from Spain and am now in Mountain village in Portugal. We went through some boarder stress as usual, in fact she even made me wear a harness thing and tied me up!! Really, no one is going to confiscate me!!! There are dogs every wear, I was asked to write about doggy fashion, but this lot have not reached the dizzy heights of a brush yet!!! The wine is cheap, but fresh milk scarce so there is a bit of a balancing act there to keep everyone happy!!! The food thing is interesting as at home it is additive free no expense spared healthy stuff. Colouring and E numbers galore here and they wonder why I run round the van in circles in the evening!!!