How To Boil Water Safely

So, to recap, Badger discovered Feathers and Toast – the best thing on Youtube.  She wrote a review, and Twitter stalked Tallulah into doing a Newsnibbles interview – never underestimate the power of social media, or a persistent badger.  You may remember that we also opened up the questions to you at home, and had a whole one response, which was very exciting.  You may recall that,

Judith from Bristol asked:

“When I boil water it gets incredibly hot, to the point that it is a health and safety concern. What am I doing wrong?”

Well, Tallulah has addressed the issue in her latest Vlog (it’s like a blog, but it’s a video, so it’s a Vlog. That’s really a thing, we didn’t make it up).

We hope you all find this video instructive and that it answers your questions.  Judith herself was so excited by the fact that a real internet celebrity had answered her question she immediately followed the advice in the film and submitted the following picture to the newsdask.

She also had a follow up question, which we submitted to Tallulah, which was:

Now that I am confident boiling water, should I leave my ice lollies frozen, or boil them?

And Tallulah responded as follows:

Oh darling. Well a reasonable question to be honest. I would say try both and see what you prefer. It’s a matter of taste when it comes to the ice lolly and no woman should be ridiculed for wanting it her way. May even like to try roasting them and see what you think of that one.

As always Tallulah’s magnanimous nature is an inspiration to us all. And if you are now weeping that you did not take the opportunity to ask your own question, fear not.  You can tweet her or comment on her Youtube. Or if you are too star struck you can email us and we will pass it on for you.


In Answer to Last Week’s Letter

Well, don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?  The Newsnibbles community is expanding, and reaching out to one another.  You may remember that last week Bobby wrote in to ask if anyone could identify the celebrity in his photograph.  Well, this week we have an answer, and with it a new question for the community to tackle.


Dear Bobby and Newsnibbles,

I think you will find the celebrity in question is Matt Damon.  I too have a question to put to the community, and it

This is a picture of a rabbit, not a hare, and was also submitted by Sarah.

revolves around a news item I read, not in Newsnibbles, but elsewhere.   A clump of Michael Jackson’s hair is going to be auctioned off.  Is there anything more distasteful?  The ‘Star-Cult’ around the late ‘King of Pop’ gets more and more bizarre. The auction house ‘Gotta have Rock and Roll’ is auctioning off a clump of hair, which is supposed to be from Michael Jackson.  The hair was fished out of the drain of a New York hotel.  Since his death, everyone tries to make money with Michael Jackson memorabilia.

The red jacket from his ‘Thriller’ video, the legendary white gloves – all this things were successfully auctioned off since his death in June 2009.  Even the bed in which he died is going under the hammer this December due to the wish of the Jackson-Clan.

But fishing hair out of a smelly drain and offering it for sale?  Normal people feel disgusted just thinking about hair in drains, but it seems like Jacko-Fans are pain-free.

The black Jacko-locks are found so valuable, that the auction house puts the starting bid at $1000, and they estimate a closing bid of roughly $5000.

The auction ends December 10th. The ‘lucky’ buyer will even get a certificate of authenticity.

Best Wishes,


So, just to clarify, her question was, “is there anything more distasteful?’  We are a little concerned by the can of worms we could be opening here, but are hoping the answer will simply be “no”… So, perhaps you have an answer for Sarah, along with a question of your own to post to the community?  If so, get in touch:

Should you wish to bid on the clump, you can do so here:



RE: Clever Wordsearch

This week’s letter comes from Bobby in New York, and is in reference to last week’s puzzle:

Another week, another challenging quiz.

In my childhood my family owned had a popular household pet.  That was in the past.  Another way of saying “in the past”

The actor Bobby is hoping to identify is the chap standing in the middle.

is “a while ago” and A, G and O appear in the grid of letters, so an answer might be “AGO”.

I imagine that in some households, the pets spend some time in warm locations, perhaps next to a kitchen stove?  I believe AGA is a brand of kitchen stove, and the letters A, G and A appear in the grid, so another answer could be “AGA”.

I understand that most household pets are mortal, and some households have a belief system involving a souls that continue to exist after death, and return to a creature’s maker or deity.  Another name for deity is god, and the letters G, O and D appear in the grid, so perhaps the answer is “GOD”.

I am lead to believe that on occasion some household pets need to be encouraged to perform certain activities, such as fetching a stick.  An alternative word for encourage is goad, and the letters G, O, A and D appear in the grid, maybe the answer is “GOAD”.

I have heard that household pets may be the cause of commotions.  A synonym of commotion is ado, and the letters A, D and O appear in the grid.  By any chance is the answer “ADO”?

I am aware that some households have a member of the species canis lupus familiaris as a pet, and the letter A is in the grid.  Is it possible that the answer is A?

I realize that I have suggested 6 possible solutions to the quiz, I hope that does not disqualify me.

Attached is a picture I took a few years ago of movie director Paul Greengrass (on the left) and some actor (in the middle).  The apartment I live in at the time is obscured by the umbrella.  I talked to Paul shortly after taking the picture.  Perhaps a reader could name the actor as part of a future quiz, as I did not speak to him, and did not ask Paul who it was he had been talking to.




Well, we thought this was a very clever idea to bring the Newsnibbles community together.  Perhaps if someone does know the answer to Bobby’s question and has a question of their own they’d like to share, then email in,



Re: Downward Facing Dog?

Dear Newsnibbles,

I was delighted to read in your most recent article, “Downward Facing Dog” that dogs are being encouraged to pray.  My dog Max partakes in regular prayer sessions, and I feel this is something that should be encouraged for happy, healthy Canines.  I have included with this email a picture, which I am hopeful that you will publish, it would mean a lot to both of us.

Kind regards,

An Avid Nibbler.


What a nice letter!  Of course we are delighted to publish your picture of Max.  We have included the image of Max practising Yoga on our Facebook fan page, which can be accessed here:

Photograph R.P. Copyright.




Reader’s Letters

I am so excited that one of our articles has evoked any response in a reader that I don’t have a response.  Nor do I feel this letter requires one as it is just an angry rant.  I am quite excited by the thought that this letter may spark a debate amongst other readers.  Then again it may not of course.

Watch this space.


This is Kris and his “Boy Toy”

Readers’ Letters

We would have added this sub-section to the site earlier, but no-one bothered writing to us until now.  Each letter will be followed by a response from our editor, who will carefully read every syllable before drafting a measured response.

Dear Mrs. Peabody,

Thank you for taking the time to write in.  Why is it that no-one ever takes the time to write in about something positive?  I do the reviews myself as I genuinely believe that no-one could do them as well as me.  I take the time to examine each aspect of what I am reviewing to ensure the reader has a full picture of what ever it is.

That said I am very busy being the managing editor of a cutting edge news website and have been thinking about subcontracting out the reviews to someone who has a remote interest in the subject.  We have approached a music reviewer for this week’s CD review.  She has agreed to take on the challenge providing we plug her regular site.  Since every other reviewer we approached wanted money, we agreed.  Everyone wants something these days don’t they?

I hope this placates you.  I will publish the review exactly as it is submitted and totally unedited for your enjoyment.  If I feel the need to add anything corrections will be published in a separate editorial.

Yours Sincerely,

Newsvamp (Managing Editor, Newsnibbles)