Newsnibbles is a satirical look at some of the more obscure news stories from around the world.  If it is random, or a bit odd you can guarantee we have an opinion on it.

We would love to hear from you.  Contact the newsdesk with your random news, thoughts on our stories or general opinions:  newsdesk@newsnibbles.co.uk


Whilst Newsnibbles is a parody of a News website, we occasionally discover interesting things that aren’t getting coverage elsewhere.  It is for that reason that we have expanded the site to give it an interviews and reviews section.  Whilst these sections will still be humorous, the reviews are honest and the interviews are real.  Yes, that many people really do like badgers.  This section has been added due to the growing interest in our reviews section, which has become more detailed since we discovered you actually have to look at the contents of what you’re reviewing and not just the packaging.  Who knew?

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Meet the Team

Newsnibbles consists of:

Badger in Pink and Blue

Newsvamp aka Badger.  Managing Editor, Head Honcho, King Pin, General Quadruped. newsdesk@newsnibbles.co.uk



Bee.  Advice columnistexpert dog photographer, AmBeeerican Political Correspondent and Generally Nice Person. bee@newsnibbles.co.uk



meeOliver. That Techy Guy from Upthink. When we break the site – which happens fairly frequently – Oliver mends it for us. If you are looking for a webhost we can strongly recommend Oliver at Upthink Limited



photo (7)@TheWallStBull – Our new Weather Correspondent. All the best papers have them…




Pat.  Satirical Cartoonist, artist and generally nice chap to know.




Aline: AilinePet Couture expert, resident fashion correspondent and general friend of badgers. aline@chacharocks.co.uk



samSam: Fantasy author, occasional ninja and reviewer of music performances.




Annie.  Our Canine Correspondent and general dog’s body.



CowThe interns. We don’t know their names. interns@newsnibbles.co.uk


Jane. Newsnibbles is delighted to welcome author and poet Jane Jago for weekly limericks. Contact  sillyoldbat[at]icloud[dot]com



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