60% of People Would Back a Progressive Coalition of Sooty and Sweep, Survey Finds

In a recent survey conducted by Newsnibbles it was discovered that 60% of the respondents would back a progressive coalition of Sooty and Sweep over voting for the two main parties, given the choice.

In comparison only 5% were happy with the current Conservative Government and 35% would choose the Labour Opposition. If this isn’t a wake up call for the two main parties we don’t know what is.

Author and Twitter user Martin Frowd told Newsnibbles

My cat would be better than any of them to be honest.

The only thing we can suggest there is that Malcolm (Martin’s black cat) puts his money where is mouth is and forms his own party, because, let’s face it, the electorate are disillusioned.

When asked why Newsnibbles did not include late edition to the show; Sue the Panda in the survey, Managing Editor, Badger said:

Well, the thing is with a Twitter survey, you only have a certain number of characters and also we did not want to muddy the waters of a perfectly good political survey by bringing gender politics into it. Should Sooty and Sweep be elected I’m sure Sue could have a nice cabinet position like “Minister for lady things” and feel suitably important, as long as she didn’t get too shrill in parliament.

Whilst we have yet to approach Sooty and Sweep about the possibility of them running, these survey results speak for themselves. The nation is ready for a change, so Izzy Whizzy, Let’s get busy!

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