Guidelines for Review Submissions

Here at Newsnibbles we have decided to expand our reviews section in order to give our discerning readers our views on products old and new.

This is Annie submitting her cake for review… it didn’t go down well…

We hope that this section will be informative and entertaining, since our small but vibrant team is incredibly brilliant we are sure this will be the case.  So, what is this post about?  Surely we just have to continue the fantastic job we are already doing reviewing all sorts of interesting things.  Well, yes.  But, we are not omnipotent, we realise that there is a strong chance that there are things you would like to know more about, and we have never heard of.  So, if you have a product, and you think it would benefit from the Newsnibbles treatment then get in touch.

Tell us:

  • What your product is (ie CD album, book, housework robot)
  • Why you think a Newnibbles review would be just the thing to get it off the ground
  • What format you would like to send it in.

Then, we will:

  • Decide whether we are able to offer a review of your product
  • Get in touch and let you know how to send it
  • Post a beautiful Newsnibbles review in our reviews section, complete with Facebook like function, so you can show all your friends

We will not:

  • Compromise our limited integrity by posting a falsely positive review – if we don’t like it we will say so, and explain why
  • Commit to a specific timetable for reviews, if we say we’ll do it then we will, don’t nag.  If you need it by a release date then you can let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you, this is not a guarantee
  •  Sing light opera on an empty stomach.  We just won’t, so don’t ask


Before requesting a review it might be worth taking some time to look at our reviews section and decide whether Newsnibbles is the right review site for you.  If you send us an actual book and would like the contents reviewed then we will have a read to give an opinion on that as well as the shininess of the cover etc.  Please bear in mind that this will take us a great deal longer than a simple physical review as reading is hard n stuff.

Read all this and still interested?  Get in touch via reviews{at}

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2 Replies to “Guidelines for Review Submissions”

  1. Hi Guys
    You do sound interesting. As an introduction, this is me

    My Book, the Breach is a Fantasy Novel and it is my first. So looking for some support to promote it.


    1. Pop all the information in an email to the address above and someone will get back to you. There is also an option to be interviewed if you prefer that.

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