Misconduct is Something to Shout About!

The Misconducters released their debut album in December of 2010. Angrier than an angry beaver on PCP, It’s All Yours includes re-recorded versions of the four songs on misconducters_featuretheir 2008 EP You’re Asking for It… which, to be fair, I was.
Although front man Den has remained a constant on guitar and lead vocals, the rest of the band’s line up has changed since the EP release, and the addition of Cai on drums and backing vocals gives the new album a much more polished finish than the more rustic EP.
Having completed the medium level of Guitar Hero, Rockonnection felt that I was amply qualified to review this latest offering from the Misconducters, and, since I share the angry world hating view that the album imparts, I was forced to agree.
The new release from the Misconducters combines Punk Rock with Metal and Hard Rock in an eclectic mix that defies genre. This is perhaps not surprising, when we consider the many different influences, including blues artists like Elmore James and Steve Ray Vaughan. Den tells me that he takes inspiration from everything from The Beatles to Napalm Death, describing the sound as “organic” and suggesting that it is a living entity, constantly changing and developing, which is true. He doesn’t like labels and says that
“uniforms are for the narrow-minded”, which I think should be printed on a t-shirt and given to all his fans to wear with pride. When asked to define the Misconducters’ style, he told me, “Never mind the style, I play what I like to listen to”; a doctrine that should form the basis of all music.
The Misconducters’ sound is both distinctive and unique. Cai has a background listening to jazz, and only took an interest in metal music two years ago, when he started playing the drums. According to Den, “He was hitting the drums so slowly and softly on his audition, I thought for a second we could just turn into a pop band for a change.” Luckily for us, he found his angry side in time for the release of the album. I, for one, would not be impressed if the Misconducters were playing Blue Peter.
It’s All Yours sees Den taking on lead vocals, guitar and bass, as the band has gone
through a number of bass players who could not offer the level of commitment he
expected to take his band to the next level. “Right now, I’m more demanding than
ever in looking out for the band’s future” he tells me. “As a group we need someone
who wants to move the band forward, not just turn up, have a laugh and make some
noise”. Whilst Den’s skill as a musician is undeniable, and the album certainly loses
nothing from his multi-tasking, the band is nonetheless on the lookout for a new
bassist in order for them to start gigging again. There was talk for a while of some
experimental surgery to give him an extra pair of arms, but the risks outweighed the
benefits, and buying shirts would have been a nightmare.
I can’t talk about It’s All Yours without taking some time to talk about the lyrics.
Despite the fact that your granny would sit through the entire album saying, “What’s
he saying? I can’t understand, he’s just shouting. Why is it so loud?” the lyrics are
actually an important part of what the band stands for. They shout against mediocrity
and apathy in society. ‘Sick of Hearing Shit’ takes what society accepts as daily
norms, and illustrates how meaningless it is. The new video for ‘Bad Slave’
incorporated images of war and anarchy to show people rebelling against society, and
its conventions.

“I want my songs to make people think,” Den explains, “not just grab
a beer and pogo or headbang”.

Whether you agree with the attitudes or not, the Misconducters defy convention, and have to be respected.

Whatever your taste in rock music, be it Punk, Hard Rock or Metal, there is bound to
be something for you on It’s All Yours. I can’t wait for it to be released on Guitar Hero,
so I can kick its ass on medium. Until then, I’m off to annoy the neighbours with loud
angry music.

First published on Rockonnection.com

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