The word Halloween derives from All Hallows’ Evening, a day traditionally devoted to honouring the dead. As ancient lore dictates, on Halloween, the barrier that separates the realms of the earthly and supernatural is porous and enchantment is in the air. So, As Halloween approaches, I’m thinking about magic. Specifically, style magic!

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, everyone needs a little magic in their lives and this week I’m going to show you some excellent ways to wear one of my all-time favourite things – GLITTER!

I love glitter. It’s frivolous, sparkly, eye catching and alluring. But how do you wear it stylishly?

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Subtly glittering purple nail polish and some costume jewellery rings make a glamorous style statement especially if your dog’s also wearing glitter. Try this reversible sequin bandana from It’s machine washable and made from super soft stretch fabric.


The key is to edit. While I don’t believe in restrictive fashion guidelines that dictate what to wear when you’re x age or y shape, unless you’re super confident, a glittery sequinned mini-dress or glitter eye-shadow is hard to pull off for anyone over 40. But never fear. No matter what age, size or shape you happen to be, there are ways to incorporate glitter into your life that will enhance your own unique look without swamping it. Here are some of my favourites:

  • My absolute top way to wear glitter is on my nails. I like Barry M nail polish (available from any high street chemist) for its huge range of colours and ultra-glittery texture. I recommend starting with a base coat in a similar shade and then applying the glitter polish of your choice on top for maximum effect. If you want something more muted a metallic polish will catch the light without being overly sparkly, or you could try a plain coloured polish with glitter polish French tips. My favourite secret is press on nails for special occasions. They’re easy, fuss-free and won’t chip. Elegant Touch and Perfect 10 are two brands I like, also available from most chemists.
This classic leather dog collar updated with sumptuous gold glitter, from Available in all sizes.
This classic leather dog collar updated with sumptuous gold glitter, from Available in all sizes.


  • Accessories. A sparkling clutch, jewellery or shoes always look great. Remember, glitter catches the light and draws attention so if you’re holding a clutch or wearing jewellery make sure your hands, and face, are well groomed. It will make a difference. Glittery high heeled pumps can look fabulous if you wear them with confidence. If you want something more toned down consider glitter ankle boots; with a pair of black jeans and a simple white shirt you have a chic and timeless outfit with just the right amount of rock star edge that will translate effortlessly from day to night.
Doris in a chacharocks bandana, demonstrating how to wear glitter with style and poise
Doris in a chacharocks bandana, demonstrating how to wear glitter with style and poise


  • Glitter makeup. The key is to apply sparingly and use high quality products. Try a glitter cream eye pencil like under your eyes or, if you want to use eyeshadow, rather than cover your entire eyelid, apply a tiny dab of cream eyeshadow in a shade that’s lighter than your skin tone to the inside corners of your eyes and go over it with a dab of makeup quality glitter (Barry M does excellent glitter pots); you’ll get a sparkling pop that widens your eyes.

I hope I’ve shown you that you can be adult and sophisticated in glitter. Whether you go for a bold statement or subtle detail, have fun trying out my tips and remember to keep it sparkling!

Aline Duriaud has had a varied career as an artist and writer in New York City and has also worked as a support worker for vulnerable adults. She also loves animals and, when her Pomeranian passed away in 2013, took the plunge to start her London based online dog accessory company chacharocks, purveyor of fierce, ethically made canine couture with a glitter-tastic twist.


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