Buss’s Birthday

Claire Buss is one of my favourite authors, and as it’s her birthday, I invited her round for a cuppa and a chat.  Here’s a special Birthday 7 Questions.

1. It’s your birthday, hurrah! What are you doing?

Having a book sale! My ebooks will be free or half price on my birthday so make sure you stop by tinyurl.com/ClaireBussBooks and grab a birthday bargain.

I’m also staying at my mums hoping for a home made birthday cake and a visit to the shops. There will be luncheon of some kind and I’m getting roller skates for my present from hubby – can’t wait!

2. What’s your birthday cake?

I’m not sure what my mum will make – she may try something new or she may fall back upon the classic Victoria Sponge. I shall have to report back. As long as it has candles to blow out, I don’t mind what flavour it is. Even coffee.

3. Which of your books are you most proud of?

I’m proud of all my books – The Gaia Effect for being the first one, The Rose Thief for being so much fun to write and having been so well received by readers, the short story collections & poetry collections for having had enough imagination to produce them.

4. If your characters were throwing you a party, what would it be and who would be there?

If Ned & Jenni, from The Rose Thief, threw me a party it would be at The Noose with food by Aggie the Baker and possibly some unusual delicacies from Momma Sprite. Just be careful what you eat! Fred the palace guard would be there, with our Malcolm and possibly his mum. The thief-catcher team – Ned, Jenni, Sparks, Willow and Joe. Reg the barman might have filled the tin bath with water so that Pearl the mermaid could come, it depends what mood he’s in. There’d be some druids but no priests and the Emperor, may he live for ever and ever, might send the Upper Circle. We’d have a bit of live music, but mostly people sitting in distinct groups eating cake and chatting to the people they see all day every day until Reg gets the scumble out and then it turns into a shindig with actual dancing. There will be bruises.

5. Do you have any weird skills?

Define weird. I have a really good memory for remembering small talk chats so that when I see someone again after having not seen them for ages, I ask about the random event they mentioned then and freak them out.

6. Describe your ideal sandwich?

Just ham or just cheese. No butter or salad or condiments. Occasionally I can be persuaded to eat a banana, peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwich.

7. Pet couture? 

I don’t have a pet. Nor do I know what that is but I expect… no?

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