Monday Mystery Mime

It’s that time of the week again, where our friends at Feathers and Toast perform a mysterious mime for you to guess. Should you guess correctly you will have the mime of your choosing performed by Tallulah.

We’re super excited that last week’s winners include our very own Ted Akin, who has been trying every week and now hit a home run with Gold Fish. Go Ted! Other winners that we care less about include: Mairi Sim, Elle Newlands, Sarah Venus, Linda Henderson Eubanks and Paul Uhler. Well done to them too and stuff.

Don’t forget to pop your answer in the comments before Friday to be in with a chance of winning.

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One Reply to “Monday Mystery Mime”

  1. After winning the Championship last week, I was reminded of solid advice: Never change horses midstream.

    This weeks mime is also a goldfish…

    Just kidding! That is clearly the world’s first single cell organism just doing what it wants. Then, upon seeing the world’s second single cell organism, it does a double take like “Oh, hello Mizz Lady”.

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