Monday Mystery Mime

Yes, it’s late again. Blame the interns.

It’s that time of the week again, where our friends at Feathers and Toast perform a mysterious mime for your guessing pleasure. If you guess correctly before Friday, then you could win the mime of your choice being performed! You lucky, lucky humans.

And congratulations to last week’s winner, Sue Rhodes; who guessed fire in a fireplace. The actual answer was smoke swirling up a chimney, so never be afraid to have a go!

Your clue for this week is “Thanksgiving” – it’s an American thing, just go with it.

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3 Replies to “Monday Mystery Mime”

  1. That is without a doubt yams (or sweet potatoes if your not into the whole brevity thing) being blended to a creamy texture and then settling into the bowl. There was also a visual clue for keen eyed observers…luxurious hair sharing a similar hue with sweet potatoes, white gloves for the marshmallows, and a black hat for the crispy part.

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