Month: June 2019

Martin’s Fashion Weekly

Yes, we skipped a week, but fear not, Nibblers, we have the info, just a bit delayed. So, here is indie author and friend of Newsnibbles, Martin Frowd’s last two weeks of outfits: Week 1: Definitely wearing clothes today. 🙂 Navy trousers and brand new black Maren Morris t-shirt from last


A New and Exciting Magazine for Writers

Friend of Newsnibbles Claire Buss recently dropped us a line to tell us about an exciting new project she’s involved in. Speaking to our reporter she said: Write On! Magazine is a great community initiative designed to bring together diverse writers from across Barking & Dagenham, Newham, Redbridge, Southend and


Martin and Maria’s Fashion and Food Weekly

As you know, the very fashionable (and amenable) Martin Frowd has been sending us weekly fashion updates – and this week he has been joined by some friends. Regular contributor, Maria Riegger threw her hat in the ring, and some random woman on the internet joined in too, which is nice! Badger