This week has seen a disastrous blow for opponents of the Badger Cull when the government granted provisional licenses to farmers and

This is Badger’s “Self Portrait in Pink and Blue” – she really is that cute.

marksmen to shoot badgers.  The wounded badgers can then be tracked using dogs, which will be exempt from the Hunting With Dogs Act of 2004 providing that there are no more than two, and they should be kept on a lead.

The cull is going ahead despite a lack of scientific evidence to support the theory that killing 100,000 badgers would reduce Bovine TB.

Queen Guitarist, Brian May has founded an organisation called Team Badger, which is a coalition of different animal welfare groups including RSPCA, League Against Cruel Sports, Humane Society International/UK, Save Me, Stroud 100, Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, Animal Aid, Network for Animals, IFAW, David Shepherd Foundation, Conservatives against the Badger Cull, Born Free and PETA.

Writing on the Sky News website Dr. May said:

“Don’t believe me, believe any unbiased scientist in the country as regards its futility.

Believe Chris Cheeseman, former adviser to Defra, before this Government ‘instructed’ its scientists to provide a basis for killing badgers, which they had already decided to do.

Believe Dr Donnelly and Dr Woodroffe, who, after 10 years of impartial study (in which time 100,000 badgers died) declared that “badger culling can make no meaningful contribution to the control of bovine TB in Britain”.

This Government thinks it knows better.

Believe your own feeling of ethics and morality.”

Speaking exclusively to Newsnibbles a representative of BAG (Badgers Against Guns) said:

“This is utterly ridiculous.  The cows give us TB and now they want to shoot us for it.  Alleging that 26,000 cattle a year die from Bovine TB, how many are slaughtered for food?  I don’t see how exterminating a third of the badger population will help any.  Culling will cause us all to go on the run and spread the problem further.  We would happily be vaccinated, and the vaccination trials were very successful, which suggests that reducing TB is not the main concern here.  I can’t help but feel that since fox hunting was banned the Right Wing hunting crowd just want something else to kill, and badgers have drawn the short straw.”  The badger who spoke to us wants to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.

Badger has been taking this whole cull thing quite personally, for obvious reasons, and has been tweeting celebrities to try and gain support from the blue ticky crowd.

Whilst the response was, erm, sparse @TheWallStBull and @AndrewCastle80 took up the mantel too (if only Andrew weren’t a parody account, but we love him anyway) and the result was this:



In case you were wondering, Nerina Pallot is a very talented singer, who you should definitely check out, and conveniently enough you can do so by clicking here.

But enough of being star struck, back to the badgers.

The final report by an independent scientific body states that “opportunities for badger-to-cattle transmission would have been increased by culling.”  And despite mass scientific evidence and public opinion against the cull the government seems determined to press ahead.

Team Badger has launched a petition, which, if it gets 100,000 signatures will automatically spark a debate in the House of Commons.

And, as you probably noticed, we have recently learnt how to embed Tweets, so below are some things we found that gave us hope for the human race.





And, although this last one doesn’t exactly fit with the tone of what we are trying to do, it is, nonetheless true, so we included it.


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