Monday Mystery Mime

Yes… it’s Wednesday. Stop being so critical all the time. It’s not like any of you ever bother entering anyway, is it?

So, every week Feathers and Toast performs a mysterious mime, and, if you guess it correctly you win the chance to have the mime of your choice performed. How exciting.

And congratulations to last week’s winners, Deva Palmier, Michele Morrison, Sarah Venus and Joe Pranaitis with eclipse. Well done to you.

Can you guess what it is this week?



The Scientists Made Me Do It!

Sounds like an excuse as shoddy as ‘the dog ate my homework’, doesn’t it, but in this instance it’s absolutely true!

Researchers at University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences, have developed a “minimally invasive procedure”, which allows them to electrically stimulate the neurons in the brains of mice, and control their movements! Can you say eeek? According to BGR, the research could lead to the treatment of mood disorders, and, according to our interns it could lead to a zombie slave army. The interns have a thing about zombies.


Beyond the Ring

NASAs Cassini Probe has been orbiting Saturn for 20 years, sending back amazing images of the giant planet and its moons. Now it is running out of fuel, so the scientists have set it on a crash course with the surface of the planet, which means it is set to send back closer surface images than ever before.  If it reveals a golf course there is every possibility that a certain orange skinned phenomenon could be persuaded to move, it’s this kind of science that saves the world. Anyway, there’s an in depth article, along with some cool pictures and artists’ impressions on – so maybe check them out.

Super Sonic Badger Spotted

A super sonic badger and a woman in a purple mask foiled a mugging last night.  The unidentified pair swooped in, just as a couple of theatre goers were about to lose their belongings to a gang of youths in an alley behind a restaurant….

Alright, not really, but if you quite like the idea of this story, you’ll probably like Badger’s new book!  It’s available for preorder on Kindle, and you can get in touch via Facebook to order paper. Also, come to the party, you know it’ll be more fun if you’re there, and as it’s on the internet, you don’t even need to wash!


Monday Mystery Mime

It’s that time of the week again where you have to guess what Feathers and Toast is miming. Guess it right and you could win the mime of your choice being performed. Don’t guess at all, and you win NOTHING. We don’t even know you’re there. So go on, have a go.

Congratulations to last week’s winner, Abbey L Craig with beach ball, how she got that we’ll never know. Good luck, Nibblers!


Superheroes with Style!

From the author of I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse comes the hilarious sequel.

What is better than a sarcastic talking badger? A sarcastic talking badger with superpowers, of course!

Having survived the apocalypse, Kerry is back to being a socially awkward web developer, but when apocalypse survivors start ending up dead, with her next on the list, events begin to spiral out of control. Follow Kerry as she deals with life and fashion challenges, whilst trying to save the world in this hilarious sequel to I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse.

Be a hero, #WearTheCape

There was a really positive reaction to Heels, over all,” said Clepitt when asked about her sequel.  “People loved the badger, which was to be expected, and they were all sad when he disappeared at the end. Of course spirit guides are only around as long as you need them, and since in this new story, Kerry’s life becomes a bit of a disaster, we see the triumphant return of the badger in all its sarcastic glory.”

I think it’s really important to write diverse characters,” she added.  “The world is not purely one type of person, despite what traditional canon would have us believe and it is essential that everyone is represented.  As authors we have a responsibility to write diverse characters where we can.  It is also important to write what we know, so it is equally essential that we help and encourage diverse authors, so that all perspectives are represented within a modern canon. I also don’t think we should have to add “warning labels” to our writing, you don’t warn readers that your books contain straight people, do you? No-one’s worried that it will somehow offend people. Bigotry is not a sensibility I think we need to consider.”

Everything is Better With a Cape is due for release September 3rd. Visit for more information.

And of course, there’s a party on Facebook. Click “interested” to join the fun.


Monday Mystery Mime

It’s that time of the week again, where you have to guess what Feathers and Toast is miming. Guess it right and you are in with a chance of winning the mime of your choice being performed, so why not have a go?

Last week’s mime was a fly buzzing against a window. Congratulations if you said that, you didn’t say it to us though, so you didn’t win. Go on, use your words, it isn’t that difficult.  Just have a look at this one and have a go, eh?  Answers in the comments.


Found in Translation

Found in Translation is our weekly(ish) segment where we work with our friends at Ammy’s Delight to learn a Dutch saying, and find out if it has an equivalent in English.  It’s fun to find out what we all have in common, so why not get in touch, either on Facebook, Twitter or right here in the comments section, and tell us what it is in your language?

So, this week’s saying is:


Which literally translates as:


But in context is used for when people are always arguing.

And of course, in English we say:


What is it in your language?


Monday Mystery Mime

Maybe you don’t know what day it is, ever think of that?

So,  it’s that time of the week again, where we get you to guess what Feathers and Toast is miming. Get it right, you are in with a chance of winning the mime of your choice. How exciting! We will announce the winners next week. And just to show that persistence pays off, last week’s winner was our very own Natalia Snow, who said it was a person trying to catch another person.  Whilst it was in fact a person being buried in the sand, she tries every week, and she did say person, so she wins the mime. There, you see, just have a go!

This week’s clue is ‘a summer pest.’


Time to Vote

No, don’t worry, it’s not another snap election, it’s the end of Badger’s book competition! If you didn’t enter, why not? You had six weeks for goodness sake! But don’t be a spoil sport, vote for someone who did.  All of the entries are embedded below, all you have to do is click “like” on the picture you want to win.  You can like as many pictures as you like.  The picture with the most likes on August 16th 2017 is the winner.

Please note, we have decided to embed here, rather than post directly to Facebook, as some people became a bit over enthusiastic and already made their friends “like” their entry, and we aren’t mean enough to make them do it again! Good luck everyone!


Monday Mystery Mime

It’s that time of the week again, where you must guess what Feathers and Toast is miming. Pop your answer in the comments before Friday to be in with a chance of winning the mime of your choice being performed.

And congratulations to everyone who guessed that last week’s mime was a wave. The winners are Shira Levine, joe Pranaitis Abbey L Craig, Karen Flynn and Karin Kanaar. Your mimes will be performed shortly.

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s mime.  The clue is summertime classic.

Good luck, Nibblers.