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You may have noticed that Newsnibbles has acquired a poet in residence – Jane Jago. Truth be told, she just turned up with a suitcase and a notepad, and no-one has been able to shift her, but she works for scones, and you lot seem to like her, so we thought we’d let you know a bit more…

1.How would you say poems differ from stories? Is it easier to make a point with a poem?

The two writing techniques are actually quite dissimilar. When I write a poem, from haiku and limerick to whatever, I am hearing a tune in my head. Stories are situations so the writing is more prosaic. While prose is shaped by character, verse is all atmosphere. If I have a point to make then my first port of call will be short verse, as that is where I feel my writing is snappiest.

2. Who is your favourite poet?

That’s a trick question, how does anybody have one favourite? But if you are intent on being mean I’d have to go for TS Eliot. Specifically Prufrock.

3. What are you working on right now?

Some Dai and Julia short stories, a detective novel, and….

4. What are you most proud of?

I can swear in five languages.

5. Pet couture, yes or no?

No. Never. Nohow. Contrariwise. If anybody was to put clothes on Dog he would probably bite their face off.

6. Describe your ideal sandwich.

Brown bread, peanut butter, banana and crisps.

7. Finish us off with a limerick about a badger.

There once was a Badger called Claire

Who found idiots got in her hair

When they talked all the time

Without reason or rhyme

Which made Badger as cross as a bear

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