Badgers are Angry!

You just didn’t notice…


You may have spotted in the news this week that Craignethan Castle in Scotland was forced to close off a part of its tunnels due to the presence of a ‘very angry badger’.  You can read the full scoop in The Independent.

It seems that the badger became lost, and has taken up refuge in the tunnels of the 16th Century structure, and in reticent to emerge.  According to the report, staff have been trying to coax it out with cat food and honey.  Clearly this badger don’t give a… ahem…

The report goes on to state that “It did not elaborate on why the badger was angry”, but we here at Newsnibbles know that badgers are angry for a reason.  Once more we reached out to our source in BAG (Badgers Against Guns) for a comment.  They told us:

Whilst it would be inappropriate to comment on this particular badger’s emotional state, I can tell you that badgers are angry.  Damn angry.  Despite no scientific evidence, and a failure to reduce bovine TB thus far, the current government insists on pushing forward with this cruel and pointless cull.  You’d be angry if farmers were given a license to shoot you, when they should be looking at vaccinating their cattle.  It’s a very difficult time to be a badger.

Perhaps the situation in Scotland is the start of a badger rebellion.  One thing’s for certain, unless the badgers are brought to the negotiating table, no caste is safe.  Of course, here at Newsnibbles we will be following the story with interest, so make sure you stay up to date with our latest posts.


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