Month: October 2019

The Duplicate Affair Chapter 2

If you haven’t read Chapter 1, you can by clicking here. Chapter 2: Decisions Georgia didn’t go home. She was rather concerned that this company, whatever it was had been able to find all of her details, and contact her from an app she had installed on her phone. She

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Another Belter from Claire Buss

When friend of Newsnibbles and regular visitor Claire Buss asked us to host the press release for her latest book The Gaia Solution we were of course delighted. Speaking to one of our interns she said: In this time of doom and gloom with dystopian novels full of bleakness, The Gaia Collection

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The Duplicate Affair

“You alright, there?” A woman’s voice made her look up. She was slim and athletic, wearing a business suit and a curious, slightly amused expression. “Um, yes, thank you…” Georgia managed, though her mouth was incredibly dry. Interviews made her nervous. “What time did they tell you to be here?”

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