Have Ewe Seen My Sheep?

Well, a recent spate of sheep thefts in Cumbria and Teesdale,  combined with this news report has inspired us to create this, nibblet, satirical cartoon and quiz all in one fantastic post!  Don’t say we don’t spoil you!  So, as a result of, what one can only assume (or read the actual report if you can be bothered) is the recover of aforementioned stolen sheep, farmers have been invited to identify their misappropriated flock at what we are going to call, Sheepgate, just cos we can.


sheepquizSo, Badger did this doodle as her interpretation of how she thinks Sheepgate will go.  The quiz is, can you tell us the odd one out?  There is NO prize, it’s just fun.  Comment below with which is the odd one out and why, and we will announce the correct answer on the Facebook page.  We do spoil you.


JLS Split UP!!!

Our fabulous satirical cartoonist Mr. Pat Scullion was so upset by the news that the popular girl group JLS has split up that he did a cartoon.  We have never heard of them, and since they have now split saw no point in doing research on the topic, so he’s done all the work.  Enjoy.


Oh no! It’s come to this, the horrible day has finally hit us… and pop music will never be the same again. Until the next generic, well-produced set of pretty looking people do well in the X-Factor and release some records, that is.

But until then
we are lost… for JLS have split up!


You know, the handsome foursome of Marvin, Alan, Humphrey and Tiberius (I might have these slightly wrong). To mark this momentous of occasions and to once again take some time to think about a range of Durex condoms in JLS Branding (“Just Love Safe”… yes, it really did happen), I decided to create a cartoon…



Click on the image to see the full size version.