Mobile Libraries Under Threat in Herefordshire.

As part of its bid to save £10m from the budget next year, the Conservative council in Herefordshire are considering scrapping its

This is Graham's Interpretation of a Mobile Library. It is of course Copyright to him 2011 (

mobile library scheme.

In plans which seem to be in line with the Conservative vision for a “Big Society” the council has suggested that local people consider opening their own libraries in shops or village halls.  Depending on what books locals own we may see certain villages being very well versed in the cooking styles of Jamie Oliver, whereas in other places the Guinness Book of World records could be the most accessible read.

Conservative Councillor Roger Phillips told the BBC: “We need to have a library service that is both viable and sustainable in the long term.”

There are currently no plans to close permanent libraries.  People with health and mobility issues will be assessed by the council to see if they qualify to have up to twelve books a month delivered.  This service would provide the less able with something that can perhaps best be described as a “Mobile Library Service,” an innovative and new way to provide less mobile people with reading materials.

We asked Graham, our man on the ground what he thought of the council’s plans.

“Who is going to lend us mobile’s now?”  He asked between muffled sobs.  Graham has been under a lot of pressure recently hunting a chicken killer; we may give him some time off.

You can read the full BBC story here:

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