Eurovision For Americans

It has come to our attention that our friends from over the pond are perplexed by this week’s Eurovision theme on Newsnibbles.  It is

This is Oliver, he is very excited about the build up to this year's contest.

probably difficult to understand the appeal of Eurovision if you have not grown up with it, indeed, sometimes it’s difficult to understand the appeal if you have.

Forgetting for the moment the Eurovision’s roots in bringing together a post war Europe, now Eurovision is perhaps best known for its upbeat poppy music which, according to one of our fans is “either really good, or really bad, depending on your tastes.”

After winning the Eurovision many artists shot to international fame, including ABBA, Bucks Fizz and Lulu.  Representing your country in the Eurovision used to be an honour, and Britain has been represented by such stars as Sir Cliff Richard, Katrina and the Waves and who can forget Gina G? Ooo, ah, just a little bit, ooo ah just a little bit more – pure Eurovision gold.

Unfortunately, in recent years what many claim is “tactical voting” has left people disillusioned with the contest and lead to a lack of interest from more seasoned performers and lead to accusations that some countries no longer take the contest seriously.  Well, not this year, you can’t get much more seasoned than The Humperdinck.

Recent attacks on journalists in this year’s host country of Azerbaijan could put a dampener on events, as foreign countries may think twice about sending their commentators out there, we at Newsnibbles hope that Sir Terry Wogan will have adequate protection before embarking on his usual sarcastic commentary.  We will be conducting a live commentary on Twitter, if anyone is interested.

Well, hopefully that just about covers it, if there is anything you feel is unclear feel free to post a comment and we’ll get back to you.

In a poll of one person it was revealed that this is your number one, all time favourite Eurovision entry, so Helen, this is for you:


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